Thursday, February 21, 2013

Post-op progress

We are almost 48 hours post- op now, Forrest. We have all taken a deep breath and gathered our second wind. The first 24 hours were rough, even with frequent pain meds. But today you are brighter and stronger. You even stood up bedside for a few moments, though your heart started racing and your PTs had to quickly sit you down again. We are still waiting on the final culture results and hoping to take you home this week-end.

Your surgeon changed your elaborate bandage today and replaced it with an even more stylish head dress. He was pleased that the complicated flaps on your scalp he masterminded look healthy and likely to survive. You are going to sport an interesting profile for awhile until these flaps "settle in" and you will need further surgery to even the area out. But you never were one to worry about blending into a crowd and you are known for wearing crazy hats as well!

The tedium of a hospital stay has been brightened by virtual visits from your Bro and many of your friends. And today, a real life surprise visit from Mrs Sharples, one of the empowering life changing teachers you have been blessed with. She has known and loved you since kindergarten. The delight on your face when she walked into your tiny room was pure magic! And I do believe she was equally delighted to hear your voice for the first time since your injury!

I don't think we had allowed ourselves to admit just how terrified we were that your third prostheses was at risk. Now that the recurrent infections appear to be centered on the devitalized scar tissue and not deeper tissues, the relief washes over us like a warm summer rain.

As you continue to remind us, Forrest, "Everything is Possible".

With love and Gratitude for our many blessings, Mum


  1. Looking good big guy...and hurrah for those wonderful friends and visitors from the past. Can't keep you down!!

  2. Hey Forrest
    Nice headgear! So glad Debbie could come say hello. She radiates such wonderful energy. Everything and anything is possible Forrest. You are the come back kid and are surrounding by the best team ever. Hope you are snuggled into BrightWood soon. Love Aunt Tricia

  3. So happy to hear it went well! You look great Forrest! We were praying for you:) Rest up and hope you feel better very soon!

  4. What a truly amazing guy that Forrest Allen is! No matter what's happening, he always has a smile and a thumbs up for everyone. To see that smile and hear his sweet whisperings today made my day, week, month! I will see you again soon, Forrest, and next time give me a break on the thumb wrestling, will you?

  5. That is wonderful news to read again, Forrest. I'm so glad things are going so well during your hospital stay. You definitely are the comeback kid! I don't think anything could hold you down! Oh, and the head dress is another winner!! You shouldn't have to stoop down so low to go through a door now!

    Love and Prayers from Missouri,

    Wilbur and Joyce

  6. Love to see that smile Forrest!
    You make all of us strong!!!
    I think if you a lot!!!

    Hazel, James and Rebekah

  7. Rae, we will dutifully pray in agreement with you for Forrest's full and speedy recovery.

  8. Rae: your courage and tenacity are an inspiration. Forrest: some day the storms will pass and you will be blessed with calm seas. That's when you will be able to enjoy living without the seemingly endless setbacks. You will begin again. Keep up the good work.