Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Surgery Update

6:00 PM

Forrest is currently recovering from the anesthesia and surgery he had today for the skin breakdown on his scalp and temple.  The reason this breakdown was happening is the repeated surgeries that he had in those areas and the thinning and stretching of the scar tissue.  The concern we had going in was whether this could be a repeat of the cranioplasty infection he struggled with October of 2011 that set him back so badly.  It had some similarities that had us very worried.
We just had the Neurosurgeon come out and tell us that it looks like there is no involvement of the brain or the titanium cranial implant, so we are very relieved with that news!  The plastic surgeon, whose job was to fix the compromised skin, was able to use a combination of a skin flap and a skin graft (from his thigh) to mobilize enough healthy skin to replace the removed tissue areas adequately. There will be more surgeries on the scalp later to get Forrest the cosmetic effect he will be happy with, but for now we just need healthy skin on the area. We will be here at Washington Hospital Center until the cultures come back, indicating whether or not there is an infection we need to treat and also to make sure all the skin is looking good - then we will go home.  Hopefully we will be home on the weekend.
So, we are still on track and this does look more like a speed bump than a derailment.  We are much relieved and appreciate all your prayers and encouragement.  Forrest is right, he does have a lot to accomplish and thanks for all your help to keep him going.
Mum and a sleepy post-op Forrest showing us that all is "ok".  Check out the rockin' turban!


  1. So great to hear! It's hard not being on the front lines with you all!! But I'm glad I got to see you do the YMCA and the hula dance with me this morning over FaceTime Forrest!! Keep up the great work buddy. Go flirt with those nurses!


  2. Hi Forrest, You are looking great to have just had surgery again! I'm so thankful that it all went well! I pray that all the cultures come back looking good, with no further infection so you can go home soon.

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur

  3. Hi Forrest
    So glad you are out of surgery and on your way to recovery. Great to see that ok sign. I know you will be home in your ManCave soon. Give your Mom a big hug from me
    Love to all, Aunt Tricia

  4. Great news! Hope to see you back soon, Forrest! Remember, like your shirt says 'You are AWESOME!'
    Hut hut! Preston and the SA team

  5. You are in my prayers Forrest!! Stay strong, and keep up your gung-ho attitude.

    “I meant what I said and I said what I meant.”-- Dr Seuss


  6. GREAT NEWS!!! You remain in our prayers. Rest up!

  7. Am so sorry to hear of you having to go through another surgery, Forrest, I know it must be so frightening for you and your family. I just checked in this afternoon to see if there was any news and there you are, with your "rockin" turban and your amazing mom at your side. WIshing you a speedy recovery and return to your ManCave. You are an amazing and courageous young man. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your entire Team. Siobhan (McClory)

  8. If those negative messages came from someone we trusted, we probably believed what they were saying. and then the Good Thoughts became belief systems and we acted according to them.