Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend...Forrests' firsts continue....

We were blessed with visits from Austin and Grandma Norma for Mother's Day weekend.  So of course we tried to cram as much living into every moment we had together.  Friday was an all day family trip to Johns Hopkins for a thorough neurological follow up evaluation.  Nurse Karen was along to ensure Forrest's safe transport. The specialist, Dr. Rigamonti,  had not seen Forrest since last August.  At that time Forrest could not speak or walk.  He said "Forrest, your progress is miraculous, a testament to your hard work, the support of family and friends, and exceptional nursing care."   He wants Forrest to have further tests later in the month but told him, "It's going to be hard, but your trajectory is incredible.  You can keep making progress for a long time to come!" 

On Saturday, with his nurse spotting him, Forrest was able to pass and shoot lacrosse with Austin.  Grandma Norma was tickled and everyone was impressed with his aim.  He also got to watch some of the National Lacrosse championships this weekend. 

Saturday was a busy day, and for the first time since his injury, Forrest rode a horse!  His surgeons said we had to wait at least a year from his last cranioplasty surgery.  That was in March, so Forrest visited Sprout Therapeutic Riding where Brooke and her amazing team, including brother Austin, assisted 44 on his first ride in two plus years.  Like lacrosse, Forrest's brain and muscles remember much of what he used to do, so he quickly picked up the reins and found his rhythm with the horse.  He had his Mom, Dad, nurse, and PT assistant holding their collective breath while Brooke and team did their magic.  He worked hard on balance, strengthening and coordination exercises for an hour,  but had his characteristic huge grin or a look of fierce determination on his face the entire time.  Thanks Sprout and wonder horse, "David"!

The next first since his injury was Forrest going fly fishing!!  Our great friend Marcia Woolman has been coaching Forrest this winter on casting techniques, which is a excellent way to improve coordination and increase his shoulder and arm movement.  She is a super fly fisher and felt he was ready to cast on the water. We met her at a local pond on Mother's Day. With Austin and Nurse Alpha spotting and Marcia's instruction he caught and released 5 fish!  He had a fantastic time and cast with great determination.  Grandmom, Mum, Pops, cousin Lisa, Lee and baby Brooks soaked in the sunshine and positive energy.

With great reluctance, Forrest sent Austin on his way back to work in Hawaii yesterday and Grandmom home to Missouri today, each with big hugs. You both brightened up our days and we will all miss you terribly...it is already too quiet around here!
Forrest is a long way from out of the woods and his medical management is still complicated and consumes a large part of his day.  He may get frustrated, but he never lets it get him down and he never stops trying.  His lists of firsts after his injury are never ending and he intends to check all the boxes, as quitting is clearly not an option.  So the next time we get frustrated with our day, we stop and think.....what would Forrest do?

From Mum and Pops at Brightwood.

Mum surrounded by all her boys, after Forrest rocked his appointment at Johns Hopkins.

Austin and Forrest share another milestone

Austin, Forrest and Marcia fly fishing on Mother's Day!

Forrest playing Extreme Jenga with Angel, Pops, Austin and Grandmom


  1. I think the Doc got it right... miraculous firsts... I'm sure of many more to come. You ROCK, Forrest! Such an inspiration.

    All the Best,
    The Plowman Family

  2. Yea Forrest, what a wonderful time was had by all - but as your Grandmom I have to say it was absolutely unbelievable! ! Such a thrill to be with you and all your family. (more later - have appointment) What a great time seeing you. Love Grandmom

  3. Happy Mother's Day Rae! What a blessing to see you standing with your wonderful boys!!!

  4. I got behind on reading the blog, but these two I've read today are just wonderful. I'm so glad you have made SO MUCH progress, Forrest, and I know you will continue to do so. We're with you all the way!!

    By the way, I saw a video on my Facebook page that I think you would enjoy if you haven't already seen it. It is: http://www.wimp.com/dolphinseeks/


    Joyce and Wilbur from Missouri

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