Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Successful Visit to School 5/1/13

Thanks to the teachers, special education department, therapists, and students at Kettle Run High School, today was a huge milestone for you, Forrest. Not just in your academic career, but in the rebuilding of your life. After months of planning and preparation, including gradually lengthening your travel time in a car and increasingly challenging work with your homebound teacher, today you visited Kettle Run High School.

Today was the first time you have entered a classroom since December 2010. I held my breath as you departed for class with two students, your nurse, and homebound teacher. You didn't need your Mum hovering and so I waited in the front office. I wanted so desperately for this visit to go well for you. I shouldn't have worried knowing you and your open optimistic heart. The students in Mr Wright's third block US Government class were well prepared by Mr Wright for your visit and were exceptional in every way. Their warm welcome, quick smiles, and genuine interest in you and your journey made this day, which could have been filled with trepidation, an empowering experience. Their grace and compassion opened new doors for you today, beginning the next chapter of rebuilding your world. You emerged two hours later all smiles with a classmate, and maybe a new friend.

While you clearly enjoyed your visit and the camaraderie, you were exhausted by the time we returned home. It will take time, but as you heal and grow stronger you will master this next chapter too. Our hope and plan is that you will be able to return to Kettle Run in the fall to complete your high school degree. As you yourself have said, "Everything is possible". Sweet Dreams, Champ.

With a grateful heart for all of the generous souls who touched our lives today, Mum

Below principal Warner congratulates Forrest on his important day and a tired but happy Forrest heads home with Tami and Nurse Gayle.


  1. Another step, bud, and not just a little one! In the last few months, you have come leaps and bounds, Forrest...your determination to not only get up and do it all again the next day but to do it with humor, charm and wit never ceases to amaze me. Keep rocking it, mister, you're knocking it out of the park. Love you much. xx

  2. That is soooooo cool. I sure wish I could have seen that also. And I'll bet you impacted all of those kids with your inspiring "never give up attitude!" So very proud of you. Keep it up Champ!

  3. That was a HUGE milestone FORREST! Way to go champ! You seem to accomplish so many things ahead of schedule. I will not stop smiling today. WOW, I'm proud! Love you - Grandmom

  4. Another great milestone for you, Forrest. Congratulations! It is so great that you keep making progress, day in and day out! I'm proud of you!!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur from Missouri

  5. This is wonderful news! Congratulations, Forrest!!

  6. Congratulations Forrest! I am so happy for you and your team. Your smile and determination is contagious.
    Best wishes,
    Fraley Coles

  7. Oh Forrest - So impressed by you, there aren't any apt words. Your courage and strength continue to amaze, your attitude and perseverance continue to inspire. You just keep marching down that path of recovery with determination and such progress! Congratulations to you and all of Team 44! What another huge milestone you've reached. Love to you, The Shermans

  8. Great job Forrest. I love checking your posts and seeing how well you are progressing. Keep up the good work!! Christie Jones