Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First "Dive" Today! 1/21/14

Hey Champ, it's your Mum. Today you began hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in hopes of, once and for all, ridding your body of the recurrent infections and wound breakdown that have plagued you.  A doctor once told us that "nothing we try with Forrest is for free" reminding us that in complex TBI cases, every treatment comes with some level of risk. With HBOT as you reach the greater pressures, you are at a increasing risk of seizures during the "dive" due to a neurological sensitivity to oxygen "toxicity".  As usual, nothing frightens you and you offered your characteristic thumbs up to reassure me as you slid into the chamber!  But the hour-long procedure is a little nerve-racking for us because, if you should have a seizure they cannot safely open the chamber until the pressures are normalized.  But you came through smiling and your dive experience paid off today too.  You did not have any trouble clearing your ears and normalizing the pressures. If you continue to tolerate the procedure, over the next few days the pressures will gradually be increased to a point that is known to successfully encourage revascularization of devitalized tissue and to treat chronic infections. We are hopeful that you will continue without any side effects and will be able to complete the course of treatment which is five hour long "dives" a week for 4 to 8 weeks. 

No... it's not quite the same experience as our family dives on the great barrier reef, but we are hoping and praying that it will be a productive and healing journey for the Comeback Kid! 

Wishing you all a 
Healthy and Joyful New Year, 



  1. Wow! You certainly are the Comeback Kid! Glad to hear the first dive was a success!!! Thumbs up
    Colleen and Richard

  2. You are as inspiring as always, Champ!

  3. Congratulations Forrest and team 44....... on making a difficult choice/decision and Forrest coming out of treatment with thumbs still up. Previous problems go bye-bye and nothing but a bright and healthy world beyond !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are there as yet another push by all who love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Praying that this treatment does all we anticipate it can do for you... keep up your positive outlook and energy! Your whole family is an inspiration. Wishing you blessings, the Plowman family.

  5. Forrest, you do come up with some great adventures!

  6. Forrest, Uncle Brad here. Keep it up big guy, you are the toughest most determined person I know. Love to you and all the clan from the Stones in Missouri!

  7. Forrest, You are simply amazing--Will keep posted hoping and praying that this works.


  8. Hi Forrest. Like the Weedens said above, you do come up with great adventures. Praying that this procedure will do everything it is supposed to do, and hopefully not cause any problems. Always praying for you and team 44.

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  9. Forrest,
    We are hoping and praying with Team 44 that you tolerate the HBOT treatment and it cures your recurring infections! It is awesome that all of your diving experience is paying off!
    Hang in there during the daily treatments, our thought are with you.
    The Selfes