Monday, January 27, 2014

Forrest & Del are Unstoppable! 1/27/14

Forrest is Back in the home gym giving his all for extraordinary PT Del! Together, step by step with their special camaraderie, they are regaining Forrest's balance, strength and endurance. 

Never Give Up !
Never Surender! 
Go 44 !

We remain forever grateful for Del's unparalleled skill as a physical therapist, his contagious enthusiasm, and his unshakable faith in Forrest's full recovery... no matter how many detours we take.

With a hopeful heart,



  1. Looking great, as always! Let's play some guitar together soon.

  2. Way to move, guy...keep up the hard all pays off in the smiles you have and give to everyone around you!!!

  3. Great work, Forrest! So glad to check in and see that you are using that full speed ahead attitude of yours for the best! Positive thoughts are with you and your team always! Keep on keeping on!

  4. Hi Forrest. You're looking great, as always. No need to tell you to keep on working, because I think that's your by-line! Hey, I just found out yesterday that they are planning to send Gordie, (Prayers for Gordie Hartshorn on FB,) to Shepherd Center for his PT! He was hurt on Jan 14 (yes, same date as you were) of this year in a work accident where he fell landing on his head. He is an iron worker. He has quite a few other injuries, and has been in K. U. Hospital in Kansas. I was glad to hear that they are considering Shepherd Center.

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  5. What a dynamic duo! The AWESOME Forrest and the Amazing Del, 2 super heroes working on a common goal. I love you both. You both inspire not only me but all those whose lives you touch. Keep up the hard work and the winning smiles.

    Forrest, it was so great to be able to come see you and spend time visiting last week. I have missed you. The big hug and warm reception from you and your family was so nice. We didn't get a chance to play our favorite card game, but I guess we will get to that next time.
    I saw the picture of your first "dive", I'm sure the experience was quite different from the ocean but it is a necessary step to get you back to the place where you can truly go "under the sea". I was so proud of you and the team for braving the elements to get that done.
    You remain as always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you again soon!
    Blessings and love, Nurse Karen
    p.s. Thanks for the picture I love it.

  6. He is still looking great! What an amazing guy!
    Laura from The Med Team

  7. Forrest, you are "the man"! You inspire me every day. How cool is it that your family's life long love of the sea brings you the same technology that is healing you now. Your family is as unstoppable as you are, with their determination and love. Determination+love+modern technology= unstoppable Forrest!!

    -Abby Laughlin