Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Little Scare and Trip to the ER

Earlier this week, Forrest made an unexpected trip to the Johns Hopkins Emergency Room.  He had been experiencing drainage from an area on his incision for a few days and after consulting with his doctors, it was decided that a CT and visit with Dr. Kumar was necessary.  The result was unfortunately what we had expected – the incision on the narrowest area of his graft is breaking down.  Forrest is on antibiotics and is back to having his head bandaged but we are thankfully able to treat and monitor the area from home - no hospital stay needed at this point!  We plan to meet with Dr. Kumar in a couple of weeks to reassess. 

Despite this little bump in the road, Forrest’s spirits remain high and his smile and charm are quick to appear.  He is continuing with his full schedule of pilates, PT, music therapy, immersion group at APTB, speech/cognitive therapy, studying for his US History final, agility training with Toliver, as well as going to movies, enjoying calls and FaceTime with friends, lunch outings, helping with errands and playing corn hole and many games of pool.

Thank you for all the continued support!
- Team 44

"Hulking" out with Mum's business partner, Jay 
Corn Hole with D-Rock

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  1. Hey Forrest! and Team 44...You got this. It's just another pesky bump. Glad you caught it early and got the treatment going and awesome that you are not in hospital!

    You look great Forrest and it was so cool to watch you run Toliver through his paces at the agility training course. Good luck on your History final- that will be great when that course is over!

    Hope I get back there soon.
    Love Aunt Tricia