Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Forrest made it through a night of protests and vandalism that rocked Baltimore last night and then sailed through surgery this morning at Johns Hopkins. 

Dr Kumar is pleased with the outcome. He was able to debride and flush the wound in Forrest's beloved Noggin.  He then applied the Vacc Wound dressing that will continuously apply -75 mm of negative pressure to the wound.  This will hopefully obliterate any space between the skin and underlying muscle flap.  Simultaneously the neurologists adjusted Forrests shunt to allow the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) to gradually expand his ventricles. The hope is that between these two procedures, Forrest's brain will establish a new healthy equilibrium in which to thrive.    

Because there are a lot of "moving parts" Dr Kumar wants to keep Forrest here at Hopkins at least for the next week. Once the CSF and wound have both stabilized we will be BrightWood bound!  Forrest is still planning on singing with his pals on May 9th at APTB Spring Recital! 

Thumb is already up in Post-Op! 

With love and gratitude for the many prayers messages and all the positive energy flowing Forrest's way.  

God Bless,
Team 44


  1. What a wonderful thumbs up--that sign will forever be linked to Forrest in our hearts. More inspiration from "the man" and team 44. Stay tough. We love you.

    Jim and Gail

  2. Hi Forrest
    You are a stud!

    With your gentle smile and thumbs up you have eased our minds...safe night tonight and feel better tomorrow. And thanks for introducing me to Mentos- now I keep a pack with me when I travel and I remember our fun conversation in the car a few days ago...and it all started about your favorite food!
    Love ya and so proud of you and Team 44!

  3. Hi Forrest!

    I am so glad to here things are going so nicely! Singing sounds like a great activity, I loved hearing you sing the last time I came to visit at your house. We played cards and got to visit your horses, it was so much fun. My family says hello! Happy healing. You are an inspiration.
    Always holding you in the light,
    Etienne Fang

    P.S. we met in the rehab hospital. I was there when you started to giving out special fist bumps.
    May the force be with you!

  4. Two thumbs up to you, Forrest!! Keep on mending!!

  5. Hi Mr. Awesome...You continue to live up to your name!!! Your infectious smile, your silly personality, and your unwavering belief that all will be OK enlighten everyone who comes into your presence....So glad everything went well today and now it's time to put all your positive thoughts into healing quickly and thoroughly!!! You surely have lots of friends and family to add to the positive vibes!!