Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dreams Really Do Come True

.....With persistence,  hard work, the support of many, and prayer, gigantic dreams came true this week. 

Your amazing friend Charlotte Davis dreamed of completing the Boston Marathon in your honor, Forrest. She trained through freezing rain and monstrous Boston snowstorms.  On race day she ran through the pain of a torn hamstring. She could not be stopped!!! And when she crossed  the finish line, Charlotte lifted her arm to the heavens and shouted, "This is for you, Forrest!" Her determination and Herculean effort's raised over $12,000 for the Boston Medical Center.  And through the generosity of her family, this amount will be matched in your honor for A Place To Be!!!! Incredible!!!

            "This is for you, Forrest!"

When I first dreamed of a CCI companion dog for you Forrest, you could barely speak or walk on your own.  In my mother's heart I envisioned you strong and healthy, with this steadfast dog at your side, reclaiming your Independence and attending college. Last Fall with Tami's help you enrolled in a NOVA online American history class.  In spite of three hospitalizations, major surgeries, and heartbreaking setbacks you would not withdraw. With Tami's devoted tutoring and your sheer determination you overcame every obstacle and completed this course. On Friday you passed your final exam and got a B in your first college course! 

 Forrest and Toliver on campus for their American history final exam!

These amazing accomplishments can only happen with the support and faith of friends and family. Our extended family has generously come to our aid     countless times over the last four years.  This week with Pops working in Kentucky at Rolex and me a contagious mess of virus and coughing fits, it was clear we needed back up. Your Aunt Tricia dropped everything and raced to Brightwood. Her enthusiastic support allowed Tami to focus on helping you prepare for your final and allowed me to stay a safe distance away from you! 

Forrest, Tricia and Toliver taking a break at Panera! Toliver is doing his invisible service dog thing, with just his nose appearing by the table... 

These amazing milestones, Charlotte's  Boston Marathon and your American History Marathon, have bouyied your spirits and steeled our resolve.  Anything Really IS Possible! And so tomorrow we depart again for Johns Hopkins Hospital where on Tuesday Dr. Kumar and his team will surgically repair the growing wound on your precious Noggin.  The plan has been to treat the wound at home with antibiotics and twice-daily cleaning and bandage changes, giving time for the drainage to subside before surgically repairing it.  Unfortunately, the open wound has allowed atmospheric pressure to exert its deleterious effects on your brain again. These effects have been painful to watch. Some of the Miraculous gains in your speech,  processing speed, and memory, since the surgical reconstruction in March, have slipped from your grasp.  But still you press on with good humor and heroic effort.   You encourage and inspire us every day to "Never give up!  Never surrender!"  You have come so far and accomplished such incredible feats.  We are confident that this next surgical repair will allow you to reclaim your amazing trajectory. You can do this Champ! And we will be by your side every step of the way!

With Love, Faith and Gratitude,
Mum & Team 44


  1. Congratulations on ALL those accomplishments...and completing a college course...WOW! Just WOW! So impressive. And now for that wound to heal up...all the best as you go Tuesday for the repairs. Love you lots!

  2. Dearest Forrest....I read this and am just busting with pride at all you have accomplished this past week and over the last months of Fall....surgeries, recoveries. Most college students don't have even one of these things with which to contend, and you had so many. And received a B!!! That's so huge! Well done, YOU.

    Charlotte and our family felt it was an enormous privilege to run a marathon in your honor and raise funds for APTB. I'm thinking about marathons this morning, and what a marathon you've been running for the last 4 years.

    I know Charlotte would agree with me...It's one thing to keep running through pain for 4 hours to achieve a goal, but quite another to keep running through pain for 4 years - as you have done - to achieve complete healing.

    You inspire our family every single day with your fortitude and your perservance, dear one. But, I will candidly say, we are eager for you to cross the surgical finish line. We will be praying for your surgeon's hands to be swift and sure, for you to remain infection free, for the procedure to be effective and the results immediately apparent to your medical team and family, and for that wound to heal and CLOSE FOR GOOD.

    So, we will pray and have not lose heart for this next surgery. Luke 18.1. God bless you, dear one, and reward you we pray for your perservance, sense of hope and your grateful heart.

    We love you!
    The Davis Family

  3. You just continue to amaze us, Forrest! The strength you show in every way is so inspiring! We pray that this "blip" on you radar for your recovery will be quick and you will be back moving forward in no time. Your wonderful "team" is so amazing and so instrumental in your forward movement (not to mention your amazing determination)...... good for you a B in American History!!! I need for you to teach ME...... History was never my strong subject!! And Kudos to Charlotte and her amazing journey for the Boston Marathon........ she showed that same strength and determination........ one which was guided by your example ! Keep it up.... we continue to cheer you and your team on..... love and hugs! Betsy, Mark & Lauren Davis

  4. Forrest I am honored to have been your dorm parent Back at the "Burg". I LOVE watching your accomplishments on fb! You are surrounded with so many wonderful people. Charlotte was amazing to run that race for your benefit! GOD has so many things in store for you and Toliver... I can't wait to see where you go and "OH THE PLACES YOU WILL GO".... If you are in the neighborhood please lmk, I would LOVE to see you!!! God bless.

  5. Forrest, you have come so far and accomplished so much! We are confident that the skills of your surgeons and your faithful team of supporters, along with your positive energy and outlook will have you jumping this hurdle and getting back on your feet in short order! As always, we are praying for you and your health!
    The Rafferty Family