Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Gloriously Blessed Day!

You Made It Champ! And it was a glorious day for the A Place To Be Spring Recital at Hickory Tree Farm.  So many talented courageous performers sang their hearts out for the audience! 

   Singing "Country Roads" with your friends from APTB Immersion Group!

Charlotte Davis joined you center stage to announce her family's amazing gift of $13,000 from Charlotte's Boston Marathon run in your honor.  This generous gift will be used to launch the Forrest Stone Allen music therapy scholarship fund! You have been so blessed to be a part of the APTB community.  And now through the Davis' gift and this scholarship fund, we can pay that blessing forward to others so that they might have the same opportunity. 

     Charlotte and Forrest announce the 
                 FSA Scholarship Fund! 

How perfect that you and Nathan sang This is the Moment!  No surprise that Your favorite line from the song is, "Damn all the odds!  This day or never I'll sit forever with the gods!"  My favorite line is, "This is the day- See it Sparkle and Shine!" After so many uncertain months in the dark, it was miraculous to stand in the shimmering light and watch you sparkle and shine! 
                 Sparkle and Shine!

The day was made even more amazing by Dr. Kumar and his wife's visit from Baltimore. He was clearly touched to see you "out of the hospital, in your element, embraced by this wonderful community, and living your life!"  
        Dr Kumar, Forrest, Tom & Toliver- 
             The unstoppable Team!

Dr. Kumar even performed his first house call, since visiting the Navy barracks years ago, to change your Wound Vac dressing at BrightWood Rehab. He is pleased to see that the wound is healing and gave "Herbert Hoover" passing marks. 

Dr Kumar checking your wound and giving Herbert his blessing!

You couldn't resist challenging Dr Kumar to be your partner in a rousing corn hole tournament at BrightWood. 
Austin, Bill, Dr K and Forrest.  It was a very close game! 

             Dr Kumar letting it fly!

Darlin' Forrest & Austin. You make my mother's heart sing.  I am truly blessed on this Mothers Day, and every day, to have such caring, courageous, and generous sons. You brighten my days and inspire me to be a better person. You make my life complete. 

Wishing all my Soul Sistors and Mama Bear Girlfriends a blessed Mother's Day.  



  1. What a wonderful community experience...and wishing you more of the happy days of motherhood to those fine sons. And so neat the Dr. Kumar came. Well done Forrest....once again. And so thrilled to read of the healing!!

  2. These photos are beautiful! What a wondering event. Keeping you all in my prayers. XOXO