Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Forrest had an amazing weekend in Tom's hometown of Altoona, PA. On Saturday they played fair games, ate funnel cake, and even rode a carousel that Tom rode as kid! On Sunday we attended an amazing church service in Tom's old church, surrounded by so many wonderful people. Afterward, Tom and Forrest sang and shared Tom's journey and the impact of music therapy. It was incredibly powerful, inspiring, and humbling. It was so moving to hear stories of Tom's childhood and see the church and the people who helped make him into the indefatigable supporter of all people in this world, no matter what challenge they are facing.

We continue to struggle with "Hoover", the Wound Vac device.  Hoover is well worth the hassle, as it is helping the open cranial wound to heal. By reducing atmospheric pressure on Forrest's brain, it is allowing his brain to "blossom" and expand as he heals. Forrest also is still being administered really strong IV antibiotics around the clock through his Hickman central line.

However, he continues to march forward surrounded by an incredible community of friends. His days are filled with physical therapy, speech therapy, pilates, visits with friends, agility classes with Tollie, and the occasional over-indulgence of Coldstone ice cream. His unflagging spirit carries him on; yesterday he told the crowd "The secret is you have to remember to be happy!"

As we enjoy our families on Memorial Day, lets all give thanks to those who serve and have served our country.
-Austin and Team 44

Tom and Forrest singing The Impossible Dream

Several TBI survivors introduced themselves to Forrest after the performance, including a veteran who sustained a TBI in Vietnam

 Several teachers from a special needs school in Gujarat, India, were there. Tom, Kim, and Kyle from A Place to Be(APTB) traveled to India last December to conduct music therapy workshops and share their knowledge at their school. It's amazing to see APTB sharing the clinical power of music therapy across the globe

Setting our sights on the next goal!

Susan and Neil filmed in Altoona over the weekend for High Notes. Although he would have loved to tackle the highest roller coaster, he took joy in riding the carousel with Tom

Funnel cake with Kyle

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  1. Oh Forrest! So glad to see you are doing so well! Keep up the great work!

    Christie Jones