Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unexpected Moments 6/2/15

It's been a crazy few days. On Sunday were blessed with many terrific friends showing up for the first ever Brightwood pool party. The picture below captures some of the friends that could make it.  We are grateful every day for the incredible friends we are surrounded by.

Today, however, Forrest had a grand mal seizure, including 20 harrowing minutes of non-responsiveness and scaring us all severely. Middleburg Fire and Rescue responded to my 911 call.  Once in the ambulance, Forrest began to bounce back.  Though he still had some left sided weakness, he regained his voice, and was explaining Toliver to the EMT.  Toliver, who was as concerned as the rest of us, rode in a car with Tami to the hospital.  After a CT scan and blood-work at the Landsdowne ER, the doctors consulted with Forrest's team of specialists and ruled out the worst complications.   Currently there is not a specific trigger identified for the seizure. The Keppra level tests are still at the lab, and may lend answers, but it's not likely. We are home tonight and for now we are back to taking night shifts sitting watchful by his bedside.

Life is uncertain. Cherish every moment with your friends and family! I'm amazed at how quickly 44 bounced back. On the ride home he was taking off his heart rate leads from the hospital and attaching them to Tami's forehead as she drove home. His humor and wit is in full effect.

-Austin and Team 44

Opening pool party

Toliver was ecstatic to be reunited with Forrest today in the ER

Forrest kicking butt at Angry Birds while waiting for a doc. 

Breaking out of the hospital!


  1. Well, that is a heck of a way to top off a perfectly fun first ever BrightWood pool party!

    Forrest, you continue to be resilient in the face of danger and humorous while the res of us are still trying to catch our breath! Team 44 has once again gone into emergency response mode, like a well oil NASCAR pit crew. You changed the tires, checked the oil, cleaned the windshield and back on the track you go!

    Whew...Comeback kid is right! Hang in there Forrest, I hope the Team 44 crew can catch up on their sleep...and today is another day to feel the breeze on our face, feel the rain spray, the sun rise and the earth rotate....just keep walking, just keep walking....

    Love you guys
    Aunt Tricia

  2. Feel free to use the Super Soaker on June 2....Brightwood most certainly will help heal whatever caused this. Forest with a thumbs up always is a great way to start the day.
    The Weedens

  3. Forrest, I am relieved to see you back home. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Thumbs up buddy! XO

  4. Oh my....this is quite the scare for sure. And yet you all showed your normal resilience. Just amazing...again. Way to bounce back Forrest. Celebrate each day for sure......!! Thanks for reminding us of that! Much love from all of us....