Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day By Day

Sometimes the uncertainty can be the hardest part.  Your specialist can't tease apart all the different factors that could be affecting you right now. Are we seeing lingering effects of the seizure on June 2 or are the higher medications you are on now to prevent further seizures weighing you down?  Is the anemia from your chronic wound sapping your energy or is it the antibiotics? We know you are still battling the atmospheric pressure from the open wound on your scalp but it's too dangerous right now to try to surgically close it.  So for now we have to stay the course. The good news is we are done with Hoover the wound vac and your Hickman central IV lines came out yesterday!  While we're concerned about the possibility of another seizure and are taking extra precautions, living your life ....out loud with your crooked smile brightening the day...is still the best plan! 

As you explained to a journalist some months ago "There are lots of way highs and some real lows in life.  Sometimes you just have to wait out the lows to get to the next high".  Well we've been in much lower places during this journey, and we know there are more great times ahead.  So we will do our best to keep you safe,  give you time to heal, enjoy each day we are blessed with, and keep working to get back on top! 

With love and faith, 

Singing Lean on Me with your friends from A Place to Be at a fundraiser for Sprout therapeutic riding center

"There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man". Winston Churchill

Chess PT with Gio

Dr. Kumar says that we will get through this and great news: If we're careful you can wear a helmet for short periods in order to toss a lacrosse ball around with your friends! 


  1. Ahh Forrest,
    All the Weedens lean on you! Your smile envelopes all of us with great hope and positive energy.

  2. You are the model of "just live and live the best you can each day" in spite of what might be the challenge. Celebrating today that you are making the world a better place!!

  3. Forrest and Team 44

    I am still amazed by your determination to move forward and make every day count. I believe that even on some of your worst days, you are still more engaged, humorous, and in the moment more than a lot of people are on their best days ! You are a man of courage, enlightenment and living every moment as an opportunity for things to get just a little bit better. And then celebrate those times!

    So proud of you and Team 44 - and so inspired to make every one of my moments count.

    Thanks for the on going lesson on how to live a good life, embraced by those around you and at the same time reaching out and embracing others- you are something special

    Love you
    Aunt Tricia

  4. Your heart speaks to all of us--your smile encourages us--and your story is one of faith. So thankful to know you and your family.

  5. Forrest and family, the word 'amazing' does not do justice to what you have achieved. You are all a living miracle. Keep on keepin on.

    All love,

    Jim and Gail

  6. P.S. Aunt Tricia could not have said it better!!


  7. Dear amazing Forrest, you and your family are never alone. God speed and kick on!

  8. I love the quote, "sometimes you have to wait out a low to get to the next high"!