Friday, June 5, 2015

Living in the Moment

So many people ask us how do we do it. I'm not sure exactly which "it" they are referring to, but I think usually "it" refers to keeping our optimism in the face of a seemingly endless stream of heart wrenching set backs and complications.  

Sometimes finding some humor in the situation helps and fortunately Forrest, you are blessed with this amazing gift.  Sometimes it's blind faith, ours or often a friend"s faith that there is a plan, a higher purpose  that will carry us through the toughest times.  Often for me it's taking time every day to be mindfully grateful.  No matter what the situation we can always find something, usually many things if we try, to be grateful for. The mindful part means I count them, repeatedly.,, out loud. 

Right now this minute I am so grateful that you weren't alone when the seizure overcame you. Tami was right by your side and knew what to do. Austin was within earshot and responded to her call for help. I was in the house on a conference call.  Those on the call heard me shout call 911 and called your Pops clinic to alert him.  All these things I am grateful for.  We still had all the emergency equipment in the Man Cave. Things we had thought we should donate or send back. I'm grateful we hadn't  gotten around to it!  I'm grateful for the Middleburg Fire and a Rescue EMTs, doctors, nurses and  specialists who helped ensure your safety. I'm grateful that you're home and not back in ICU! 

It's terribly hard to see you lose some ground in your speech and balance, cherished gound you have fought so hard for.  I'm grateful for the ground you kept and I know with your indomitable spirit and the love, support and faith of your family and friends, and your extended team of determined specialists, you will reclaim this ground and then you will set your sights on the next horizon. You have proven your strength again and again. You are The Come Back Kid.  And already you are on your way again.  

Since your seizure on Tuesday, you have been to Pilates with Kay, dog agility with Nancy, PT with Del, started a new on line college class with Tami, hung out with Shayna and Austin, enjoyed your Pops steak, and beaten me at cards!  

There is much to be grateful for!!!


Back at PT, regaining your strength and balance, with Del! 

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  1. I think if three days after a seizure, Forrest is doing Pilates,PT, college level work ,chowing down steak and being the resident card shark.....that is nothing short of amazing! But then again....we're talking' about 44......amazing day in and day out. Keep the faith!!!

    Abby Laughlin