Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend in Photos

 Life can be hard without music or friends!

Luckily...a weekend full of "Stink" shows and time with friends brightened all of our lives!

Dragonfly Bartender Forrest with Butterfly Liz, Ladybug "Dot" Megan, and Fly-Girl Abby

APTB camp was at The Hill School, which Forrest says is like "a second home"
for himself and other Hill School alumni
(44, Russell, Matt, Remy, Derek, Boo, Syd, Lilly and Kyle)
"Stink" Cast
Pool party with former nanny Mita and her family

Fun times even out of the pool!  PEACE!

Thanks to all that came out to see "Stink" and to those who put in countless hours to make the camp a great experience for all!  

Forrest says: "A Place to Be camp helped me get through some rough days.  It kept me going even when my body didn't want to cooperate.  I am thankful for a 'STINKY' experience!"

During camp, Forrest was given an opportunity to share a motivating quote with his peers.  Here is what he shared:  "Life can be pretty weird and bumpy, but you can make it through!"

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