Friday, July 3, 2015

True Friends

True friends love you no matter what you're going through in your life.  They are there to encourage you, inspire you, reassure you, to re-imagine old shared memories together, and to make new ones! 

True friends make anything possible!

We will miss your best friend brother Austin who has moved into his new house in Beaufort North Carolina with Martin at his side ! I have no doubt you will stay in touch through FaceTime and phone calls. 

Nick is back from Asia Sporting a very furry face. Next to Nick you always stand tall and proud! 

Safe and happy " in the fold!"

Taking aim with Madison!

With your pals there to ensure your noggin stayed out of the water, you and Peyton took up floating Corn Hole! 

Almost like "Old Times" ... It warned my heart to see you hanging out with your pals.  Some you have known all your life.  They believe in you, they enjoy your company, they recharge that you can carry on! 

With love and gratitude for our family and friends,

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