Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Out of ICU!

It has been a hard day for you Forrest,  but we have been blessed with progress, Tami graciously stayed by your bedside overnight, keeping watch along with ICU nurses. Since you were unable to take your current seizure medicine last night we were grateful for Tami's presence and everyone's prayers. 

Today you are struggling with postop pain but you are still offering your characteristic thumbs up, an occasional brief smile and even a pat on the back for nurse Caitlin when you finally got up right on your feet for a minute. Your strongest clearest words were for your best bud Toliver. who has remained faithfully at your side. 

You were released from ICU and returned to 10 N, where you and Toliver are well known and loved. There are numerous consultations on going regarding medications and concern about interactions between antibiotics and anti-seizure meds. But for now we are grateful to have the surgery behind you and are looking forward to A brighter tomorrow.   Sweet safe dreams, Champ.

Thank you all for the prayers, messages blog comments, positive energy, and texts.  We share them all with Forrest. 

Thumbs up for Austin and Martin even though you couldn't keep your eyes open!


  1. Hi Forrest, I'm so happy you were able to get out of the ICU today. Praying that everything continues to go well for you.

    Love and Prayers, Joyce and Wilbur

  2. Way to go Mr. Awesome!!! Your strength and determination are beyond amazing...10N sounds much friendlier than ICU...follow the doctor's orders, flirt with the nurses, keep Toliver relaxed, and you will be singing in the man cave soon. Keeping you and Team 44 in my positive thoughts

  3. Hey Forrest

    Rest up, the pool is waiting back at BW and it is gonna be so nice to get your feet wet. Get your strength back soon. Love to see the smile, even with your eyes closed :)

    Thanks Tami for once again being a such a protective force around Forrest.

    Love to all,
    Aunt Tricia

  4. Forrest, we have been waiting for that thumbs-up, and are thrilled, but not surprised to see it. You're on your way back to new heights! Tolliver looks like he is ready for whatever comes his way. How special he is.
    Love, Jim and Gail