Monday, July 6, 2015


Darlin' Forrest,

You have taught us many life lessons through this tumultuous journey.  One important lesson we have learned is to celebrate special times with family and friends and every "First" you experience or accomplish. While you are still struggling with the side effects of some of the medication (You told Tom you are "sick of being sick".) As we continue to slowly decrease the dose, more and more your exuberant personality is shining through! 

Target Practice with Pops. Grandma Norma brightens a rainy Indepence Day! You haven't lost your sharpshooter's eye!

Your "First" time shooting  a 12 gauge. You blew the target to smithereens! Shooting skeet with Pops and Austin was a favorite pre-injury sport. 

Your First EVER ride in an Aston Martin Vanquish thanks to Jim's invite.  So "Bond, James Bond!"

With Mary spotting to make sure you didn't dive for one and get your noggin wet, you served up a killer volley! A calculated risk we got away with! 

Celebrating time with the Davis girls. 

Plotting a trip to Boston so you can cheer in person for your Champion friend Charlotte in next year's  Boston Marathon. 

Tons to be grateful for, Lots to celebrate, and Loads to look forward to....

Team 44


  1. Hey Forrest!
    What great mini adventures you have in your own back yard. And wow a trip to Boston next year is a great goal!
    So proud of your grit!

    Meanwhile down here in North Carolina, I helped Austin hang curtain rods - very exciting :). Your big brother did great, and all the curtain rods are up and level. It is quite an amazing feat to see him standing on a chair working an electric drill - I was spotting him so he was pretty safe..but this family doesn't live to be safe... they live to live!!! So go live it Forrest - so proud of you and Team 44.

  2. Forrest! You forgot to take me with you in your ride in the Aston Martin Vanquish! That is one beautiful car!! Keep up the good work, and you'll make all of your goals come true!! You are always in my prayers.

    Joyce and Wilbur Ellis of Missouri