Thursday, July 16, 2015

Game On!

Forrest is having a much better day today.  His speech, balance, and energy have improved remarkably since yesterday.  His spirits are brighter and in turn, he is brightening all of our spirits with his characteristic charm and sense of humor.  With Toliver at his side and PT Amy spotting, Forrest was able to walk a lap of 10 North this afternoon, and he told Amy he was as "cool as a cucumber" before singing out "I'm alive!!!"

We are still working through medication adjustments with multiple specialists.  Earlier today, Dr. Kumar said that managing Forrest's case is like landing a jumbo jet - there are a lot of little adjustments to be made and each tweak affects many other things.  We don't want to make any big moves, we are just going to go slow and take things one day at a time - to which Forrest replied "Game on!"

Celebrating the first lap around 10 N

Austin's jokes were much more entertaining today, earning applause instead of snores.

Toliver attentively stays by Forrest's side each day at the hospital.  

When not at the hospital this evening, Toliver brought Mum one of 44's slipper to let her know he missed his boy.

We are so grateful for the continued prayers, encouragement and messages.  
- Team 44


  1. I love great news!! Keep it up!!

  2. Great Update! Tell Cucumber Boy we are cheering for humans always praying!

  3. This is such an awesome update! I shake my head, though. ONLY Forrest, would be up, walking, smiling, and expressing gratitude (all while being totally cool, of course) a few days after brain surgery. I want what he's got. We keep praying for things FOR #44, I think I need to add an addendum that God give me a little of what he has, please. I am praying for continued good news, continued, divinely inspired tweaks to our beloved Jumbo Jet. Dr. Kumar, with the Master Healer is just the right pilot. We are grateful! Love to all you+ Shannon and the devoted Davis crew. XO+

  4. PS - God love that dog. I'm grateful for Toliver, too. xoxo

  5. Standing Tall Forrest! Looking good....xo

  6. Awesome job dude. Keep going, little by little you will be home soon -then on to another adventure.

  7. Forrest, you might be able to hear us in Baltimore cheering for this post and for how absolutely amazing we think you are!!! Since Toli has super doggy hearing, he might be hearing us!!! Go, 44, show 'em all your awesomeness and get home soon!
    The Elgins

  8. Team 44, we live for these miraculous updates. Please keep sending. And BTW, I'm with Shannon re. Forrest--I want a bit of what he has - attitude, optimism, good cheer, tenacity, sense of humor throughout adversity, loving nature, kindness, and a spectacular smile to mention just a few of his qualities!

    xo Gail