Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recharging with Friends!

It's been a good weekend Forrest. Your vital signs have stabilized.  You are resting well and regaining your strength and appetite. The challenge now becomes how to break up the long hours in hospitals, hours that seem to run endlessly together.   This weekend we had a lot of great help with this particular challenge!

Yesterday Pops returned and brought Aunt Bev and Cousin Susan from Phoenix to visit. You took the opportunity to read some of your favorite Calvin and Hobbes to them! 

Today, One of your best pals from Hill School, Nick Weeden, came to join you on your stroll around the unit and....

to demonstrate his preferred bandana wearing style!  A rousing air hockey tournament ensued which included celebratory Sun Chips! 

Before your FIRST Nick departed for Dartmouth this afternoon, your SECOND Nick (Sybertz) arrived to join in the fun! 

               SunChips all around! 

What great friends you are blessed with Forrest!  They brighten our days and encourage you to stay happy and strong.  God Bless their generous hearts!l!

Refreshed and reinvigorated from your weekend visitors, early tomorrow morning we begin again with a follow up CT scan, lab work, and consultations to determine the next steps in your journey. We are hoping and praying that the CT will show great progress and we will be headed home this week! 

With love and gratitude,


  1. Awesome news.
    So wonderful to have Aunt Bev and Cousin Susan there to get you laughing with the ole favorite Calvin and Hobbes!

    You look great and flanked by the Nick and Nick show how could you not smile and feast on Sun Chips ! Great progress.

    Keep shinning your light Forrest - everyone is following you out of the darkness into the next party place :)

    Love Aunt Tricia

  2. How do you do this all Forrest? - Stand so tall, smile so big, make us all shake our heads with mind-blowing awe. You are unstoppable.

    Abby Laughlin