Thursday, July 23, 2015

"I am ME again!!!!"

When Dr. Kumar came to check on you today you were munching down on a monster bacon cheeseburger.  He stood transfixed just enjoying watching you enjoying that cheeseburger! He was also pleased to hear that you are regaining your sense of thirst and are beginning to drink voluntarily again. After you devoured the last of the cheesburger, He asked you pointedly, "how are you feeling, REALLY Forrest?"   Your answer, "Faster.  Happier.  I'm thinking faster". Followed by your big grin and "I am ME again!"  Well Darlin'you are thinking faster but you have always been uniquely You. You're just more recognizable now. Even it seems to yourself. 

Dr. Kumar is overwhelmingly pleased and cautiously very optimistic. He still wants to keep you through the weekend for observation, remove the drain hopefully tomorrow, and repeat the CT scan on Monday morning. If he and Dr. Jackson agree that all is well inside your blessed Noggin we will be headed home to BrightWood Monday afternoon!!! 

In the meantime we keep making the most of each and every day:

Forrest and Toliver made a new friend on 10 N.  Anna Grace, a courageous TBI survivor herself.  Toliver was quite smitten with Anna Grace and hopes to see her again! 

Learning new dance moves with Gina.

We pieced together some putt putt golf sticks and cones to make jumps and You practiced your canine agility exercises with Toliver. Remarkably you both remembered the jumping sequence beautifully!!!

Our most momentous news was that the gelato machine at Balducci's was finally repaired.  This was a call to action for an outing to the main level with nurse Steph to test out the gelato. Toliver walked so proudly by your side.  He was clearly thrilled to get you out of the unit! 

Nick Sybertz and Christina are both visiting this evening and Ben is coming on Saturday, so you have a busy happy week end ahead!   

With a grateful heart,

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  1. Fabulous news Forrest!
    You are an eating machine:) You are very purposeful in the joy of eating a big ole burger. I too have watched transfixed in your ability to be in the moment while chowing down. Maybe you should lead a yoga meditation/mindfulness class !! hope to see you next week when I am in town.
    Love Aunt Tricia