Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Keep on Keeping On"

That was your response to Dr. Kumar yesterday evening when he explained your "markedly" improved CT and his desire to keep you here at least 5 to 7 days in order to ensure your continued progress.  While we were surely hoping to get home sooner there've been so many complications and setbacks that staying a few more days to make sure you stay on the right track sounds like a good idea.  

        Keep on Keeping On with Dr K!

So the days progress and you are making the most of each one: 

With Nick spotting you and he kicked your soccer ball all the way around the unit TWICE!

With "fun sized" ( her words) PT Amy you worked on balance and strength. Gotta have you ready for Del time when we get home! 

Hamming it up with Christina while beating her at Connect Four. Laughter truly is the best medicine! 

Today your team of neurosurgeons, plastic reconstructive surgeons, neurologists, and infectious disease doctors will continue their great collaboration on your behalf. You have a lot of important and fun things yet to do in your life Forrest, so we will as you say, "Keep on Keeping On"! 

With love and gratitude for each day of healing,


  1. Great Smiles Forrest.
    Surrounded by so many talented people that love and admire you. Damn right- Keep on Keeping On!!
    Love Aunt Tricia

  2. Great pictures, Forrest. You look like you're doing fine. Praying that you continue to do so. Keep up the good work, Come Back Kid!

    Joyce and Wilbur

  3. Keep on keepin' on for sure! Perfect way to say it! And we're gonna keep on right there with you. Love you!

  4. Forrest, it is so wicked awesome (as they say in my hometown of Boston) to see you up and about and smiling! We love seeing your progress and can't wait until you are healthy enough to come back and visit us in the QGMVA office! Keep up the great work!
    Love and hugs,
    The Raffertys