Friday, July 17, 2015

Post op Fever

The morning started out with a bit of a worry over a low-grade fever and a serious case of the "blahs". We relied heavily on all of your thoughtful and caring messages and blog comments to lighten Forrest's load.  Your faith and optimism really helped recharge Forrest and his team today!  We can't thank you enough!!!

Polypharmacy is the term used for just too many drugs!!! Even when they're individually necessary,  they all have interactions and side effects.  Thankfully today we were able to discontinue one more of the seizure meds and your temperature began to come down mid day. 

Culture results came back this afternoon. Five of the eight cultures taken intraoperatively grew the same bacteria, a Klebsiella. Unfortunately it is resistant to most common antibiotics, but the terrific infectious diseases doctors here have chosen correctly and the big gun intravenous antibiotic you're already on has good bone penetration and is effective against this organism. So while it's terrible to have osteomyelitis, or a bone infection, of your new graft we have the culprit's name and it's number. And we are going to destroy it!!!  

After a nice long nap with Toliver at your bedside and your first Post-op shower you rallied and completed THREE laps of the unit! Making friends and introducing Toliver to other patients along the way. There are a lot more Labrador induced smiles on 10 North tonight! 

I'm not sure who had more fun on your stroll around the unit, you or your terrific RN Steph??? 

We are grateful beyond words for the amazing Johns Hopkins nursing staff.  They are smart, caring, gracious, meticulous and talented professionals. They stop in just to see you and are so encouraging and upbeat. 

Pops will be back tomorrow and maybe, if you're up to it, we will get you off the floor for a change of view.   Sweet dreams Champ. You are on your way! 


  1. Forrest, it is so good to see you are up and going again after this last surgery. You are one amazing man!! Nothing holds you back, cause you just keep plowing through every setback that life throws at you. Keep up the good work.

    Love and Prayers, Joyce and Wilbur

  2. That is one of the best 'thumbs up' photos yet! Steph's smile is almost as cute as yours, Forrest. Give Tolliver an extra pat for us, please.

    Love, Gail

  3. Good to see you looking your handsome self, Forrest! What a beautiful smile!! Looks like you've dazzled that nurse!