Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's SOOO Good to be Home!!!

While we do miss the comaraderie, support, and excellent care of the nurses on 10 North (especially when the iV pump alarms go off at three in the morning!) there truly is no place like home! 
Catching up with Derek and Ben over a boisterous game of poker... using pistachios for chips! 

Reunited with extraordinary PT Del, who challenges you physically and recharges your spirit! 

Stretching it out with Kay at Pilates. Your high-spirited banter with Kay makes your time there equal parts Pilates and laughter! 

With your wound closed and your brain happily expanding to fill your repaired cranium, your speech, wit, and cognition are all on an amazing trajectory again. You'll be carrying around a back pack with the intravenous pump that delivers the high-powered antibiotic, meropenem, continuously 24/7 for 6 to 8 weeks. Our hope and prayer is that this antibiotic, Dr. Kumar's good work, and your own immune system will once and for all clear you of infection and allow you to soar!

With love and gratitude for this blessed time at home,


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