Monday, July 13, 2015


Last Monday we sent a picture of the deteriorating wound on your scalp to your surgeon. Dr. Kumar called right away and said, "Yes, Forrest will need more surgery.  I will see you on Monday the 13th and surgery is scheduled for the morning of the 14th."

Knowing you are facing more surgery at Johns Hopkins tomorrow, we packed an amazing amount of life into this past week. And we are grateful beyond measure for all of your friends and family who have filled up your emotional tank to the brim.  You are strong.  You are ready. 

On Saturday You had your first independent outing with Tom all the way to the Kennedy Center to see the Broadway musical "Once".  Although I shadowed you just in case you needed help, you had an incredible musical adventure with Tom. I heard later that you two were dancing and singing in the car all the way home! 
Tom Forrest & Toliver all enjoyed "Once"!

Of course some water games with Ben were in order! 

PT takes on a new stance at BrightWood! 

Gio and Nick agree it's nearly a Bulls Eye!

APTB mentor Lauren mesmerizes Team 44 at her recital. You sweetly whispered to her "I wish I had brought you flowers too".

Today at Hopkins, Toliver knew the CT drill all too well. And Scott, the CT technician, was gracious and familiar. He knew you by name and told you he follows your blog.  He is cheering for you too. 

There is no hiding that today's  CT results  are disheartening.  Hoover was unable to close the gap between the bone grafts and the muscle flap. Dr. Kumar was clearly disappointed to see this glaring deficit on the computer screen.  But he was encouraged that the bone grafts appear strong and in several places have fused to your native bone.  He explained that, while we took seven or eight giant steps forward, we have now moved backwards three or four steps. But with the bone grafts intact he is hopeful that he can surgically close the gap, excise the devitalized skin, place some drains and get you back on track.  They will take lots of cultures in the OR and hopefully we can fine-tune your antibiotic therapy again.  If all goes well we will be back at Brightwood in a week or so. 

Looking at those CT scans today, it's hard to catch my breath.  How do you do what you do? How do you get through your day, often with a smile and a joke, a little jig, always a thumbs up. Your Bring it On Sparkle.  Well Champ, you set the bar pretty high.  We will do our best to meet your Amazing Mark and be there for you tomorrow... and the next day. Whatever comes, it's thumbs up and bring it on! 

With a hopeful heart,
Mum and Team 44


  1. Forrest,

    We are with you tomorrow and look forward to catching up with you at home soon!!


    The Selfes

  2. We will be thinking of you tomorrow...with prayers. Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ron

  3. Forrest, we will be praying for you and your surgical team tomorrow. We look forward to hearing your updates as they encourage each of us. Love you and the whole Team 44.

  4. We love you, tall boy, and know you'll be back on track soon!
    The Elgins

  5. Love and prayers, Forrest. Looking forward to a good report tomorrow.

    Love you! Lisa, Lee, and Brooks

  6. Our healing thoughts and prayers continue for you Forrest! Stay strong and beat this! You've come such a long way and we continue to be amazed by your inner strength and your positive attitude! You continue to be an inspiration for all of us!
    Love and huge hugs,
    The Rafferty Family

  7. Thoughts and prayers, Forrest. The photos from this blog are great. You will soon be enjoying these activities again, and beyond. How do you do it? You and team 44 are miracles.

    All love,

    Jim and Gail

  8. Forrest...all positive outcomes from today's events....Dr Kumar's skills and your energy can only result in the best!!! have too many activities left to do before Labor Day...Heal fast and get home faster!!!
    Thinking of you today even more than do get people to think about you!!!!
    Team 44 hang tough and keep him upbeat and positive!!!

  9. 0 steps plus 8 steps , minus 4 steps equals 4....and 4 is without a doubt your lucky number. Team 44 will climb up the ladder again standing taller than all of us put together. You are amazing, Forrest, truly amazing.

    Abby Laughlin