Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Post-Op Update from ICU

Dr. Kumar came out to talk with us. He is extremely pleased with the procedure and the closure. He believes some of the absorbable mesh had become colonized with bacteria and could have contributed to the breakdown. The offending mesh has all been removed and the wound flushed and cleaned.  He got at least half of the open space between the bone graft and muscle flap closed. He is hopeful that with new drains in and by temporarily turning the shunt off, Forrest's Ventricles will expand with CSF and his brain will blossom to close the remaining space.  We will likely be here at least 7 to 10 days to make sure everything is stabilized and it is safe to return home. 

Dr Kumar told us that he prayed for Forrest last night too and is thankful for all our prayer warriors. 

I'm with Forrest now in ICU.  He's offered his first thumbs up but indicates with his fingers that the pain is four out of five so a pain pump is on its way.  Hopefully with some drugs on board, our Champ will get some well deserved rest.  

With a grateful heart for the nurses and doctors watching over Forrest and for all your love, faith prayers, & positive energy. 


  1. Rae, Thank you so much for this blog. We're delighted the procedure went well. Yay Forrest! Yay Dr. Kumer! Yay team 44. Hang in there you miracle workers!


    Jim and Gail

  2. Eagerly awaiting the Forrest Thumbs Up!!

  3. Hi Forrest, I'm sorry that you had to go in for further surgery, but I'm glad it's over once again and that you are once again giving a thumbs up in the ICU. Praying for a quick recovery for you, and hope your meds can be balanced once again to where they will do you the most good. God bless you and team 44!!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur in Mo.

  4. So thankful for such good news again! I continue to pray for each of you. Hoping the pain subsides quickly, the healing goes smoothly and Forrest's is home soon. Rest well - each of you. love, Donna & family

  5. Forrest,
    So glad you are out of surgery with a positive outcome and resting nicely now. We are all gathering around you with strength and warm energy and as always I know you will bring the humor to the party probably by tomorrow - some comment or gesture you make will have the nurses and doctors chuckling and shaking their heads in amazement at your fortitude and grace. Sleep well Champ..tomorrow is gonna be the beginning of better days.
    Love Aunt Tricia

  6. I am so grateful for this terrific post op update! I'm sorry that you are hurting, buddy, and hopeful the pain meds are flowing and that you are fast asleep. I'm praying for solid rest for all of you tonight. I'm envisioning those ventricles filling fast, the remaining space closing, and your surgical site infection free and pink with awesome blood flow. Can't wait for more good news in the morning. We love you dearly. Charlotte and the Davis Fam xo+

  7. Forrest, this is for your mum and dad. Please share with them that there are many people they don't even know who are praying for you and for them. My chaplain buddies and I are praying... here are some of the prayers...
    "Peace and healing over him and over those who love him."
    "God bless the surgeon's hands and all that care for and love Forrest."
    "Bless his heart...praying for healing at all levels."
    "May your amazing love and hope sustain each of you as you champion through yet another surgery and hospital stay."
    (Holding you, Rae, in my heart. Love, Pam)

  8. So glad to hear a positive report. Hope you feel better quickly, Forrest. Praying for you, your doctors and nurses, and your whole hospital support crew. Love you!

  9. And our whole church also....and your doctor. That is great. May the healing go quickly. We think of your every day! Hugs for a CHAMP!

  10. Thank you so very much, Rae, for constantly updating us. I know he will always continue to move forward, regardless of the obstacles, but all your updates are like adding fuel to the fire of our prayers. Big hug for 44! xox