Thursday, May 7, 2015

Home Again!

Hi everyone, Forrest was discharged on Monday and made the trek home in the afternoon! He has a number of intense treatment regimens for the next six weeks, as Mom mentioned in Sunday's post, but he's in good spirits and working on regaining his strength. He's already back to his busy daily schedule.

Dad helped me move back from Durham yesterday, as my second year in the Masters program will be in Beaufort, NC on the coast at Duke's Marine Lab.

It's great to be back with Forrest, seeing him dancing and singing along to whichever tune is stuck in his head. His jovial nature shone brightly yesterday. When we stopped at a gas station, we gave him $5 to get a Mentos, and hung back toward the store entrance. True to form, he decided 3 packs of Mentos was the more appropriate number!

Yesterday we also attended an open house for the American Humane Association (AHA), which has been on the front lines of protecting animals and children since 1877. They work all over the globe, protecting pets, helping military service dogs get reunited with their handlers, educating children, certifying "no animals were harmed in this film" in Hollywood, and many other areas. At the event, there were a few amazing animal ambassadors from Seaworld, as seen in the below pictures.

Come see Forrest and other APTB kids sing this Saturday at Hickory Tree Farm (2pm), Middleburg VA. Dress for being outside.

-Austin and Team 44

Toliver making friends with a Bald Eagle that was rescued at 5-weeks old

 Toliver meeting a 2 year old sloth, that was rescued at 2-weeks old after rainforest destruction in Central America. Not sure who was more intrigued, Toliver or Melinda the sloth

Barbara Heffernan, longterm friend and colleague of Mom's, and family at AHA.

Forrest introducing Toliver to Dr. Robin Ganzert, President of AHA

Come to A Place To Be's art show and recital this Saturday!

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  1. Hi Team 44!
    You looking goooood Forrest!! :) Tall and handsome as always.

    Welcome home Austin! So great to see you all together. I know how Forrest loves his Mentos!
    The outing to the AHA looked like it was an awesome time. Love that look between Sloth and Toliver...
    Hope to get up there in next month or so to see you all.!!

    Love Aunt Tricia