Thursday, June 16, 2016

Back at Hopkins

Darlin Forrest,

We had such an extraordinary time in Hawaii. We are grateful that you were strong enough to make this trip and to even survive tumbling down a volcanic cinder mount! Unrelated to that tumble a small pesky titanium plate has started causing some trouble to your Noggin and has to come out. As I write this Tollie and I are waiting for you to come out of surgery. 

Dr. Kumar is optimistic that this will be a short procedure and without complications you should make it home tomorrow and be back with your friends at APTB camp on Saturday! 

I wish we could explain it to Toliver.  He has his very long face on and is always worried when he has to leave you in preop. 

Driving up to Hopkins yesterday you told me, "You know Mum, you can't always plan out everything that's going to happen to you in life.  What you can do is try hard every day to do the very best you can on every little step. And if you do that, the little steps eventually add up and everything works out!"

Well said Champ. I will take your advice not to worry about the Big Picture.  Instead I'll just try to do my best today on every little step. I hope as they are playing Bob Marley in surgery and you drop off to sleep... you are smiling and dreaming of our favorite Hawaiian moments.  

See ya on the other side. 


  1. Great advice Forrest...we all need that. Seems like you've got it figured out. Wishing you a fast recovery from this procedure! Great Hawaii shot.

  2. Is that snorkeling photo from your recent trip? I'm so happy to hear of your travels :) Keep pushing, buddy xo