Thursday, June 16, 2016

Post Op Update

PToliver and I are in post op with Forrest. With some pain medicine on board Forrest is more comfortable and Toliver, who was relieved to hear Forrest tell him everything is cool, is happy to be back on duty! 

Doctor Kumar ended up doing more than planned. Since the bone grafts looked healthy and strong, in addition to removing the problem plate, he removed two more small plates and some wire. He then added some allograft bone matrix to fill in between the bone struts that were placed last November.  All in all Dr K is happy with the results. If the pain is manageable and we avoid any complications, we are still hoping to break out tomorrow or Saturday! Forrest and Toliver are eager to get back to their pals at APTB Summer Camp! 

Many thanks for the love prayers and encouraging messages. 

Mum and Team 44

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