Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's Great to be Home!

You had a lot of important reasons to get out of the hospital quickly, Champ.

Dr Kumar told us he was "super happy" with how the procedure went and how quickly you recovered from anesthesia this time. He admonished us to "Get Forrest out of the hospital before there's a problem!"  We almost didn't make that...,thankfully Tami spent Thursday overnight at the hospital keeping watch. When the nurse showed up at 10 o'clock with a new medication Tami said "No No No!  We will have to call his mom first!' Good call Tami the medicine turned out to be a form of heparin that could cause you to develop a severe blood dyscrasia.  Problem averted! And we were only in the hospital 28 hours...a new record!!!

Then there was Charlotte's visit from Boston to present her family's $18,000 donation to APTB in your honor.  You couldn't miss that! 

The cast and crew of the APTB summer camp welcomes Charlotte with open arms!   As you thanked Charlotte for running the Boston Marathon in your honor, you explained how your friends at A Place To Be must feel that facing their personal challenges probably feels like they are running a marathon every single day. Clearly Charlotte wasn't just running The Boston Marathon for you that day, but for every person in the room! 

What a blessing great friends are! 

Speaking of blessings, is there a finer blessing than a Father's love?  Your Pops has been your number one devoted fan supporting you every step of your journey. And we are blessed to be out of the hospital to celebrate Father's Day with Pops at Brightwood.  
We sure are missing Austin though who is in route home from his backpacking trip to Nicaragua....Lucky thing that your friend Liz was able to stand in for Pool time and to help make sure that your noggin stayed dry! 

This next week will be devoted to catching up on rehearsals at APTB summer camp for the performances of "Encore" next weekend. Hope many of our friends are able to come and cheer for you and the incredible APTB cast! 

With love and prayers for Fathers everywhere today,

Mum & Team 44


  1. I have followed your journey for a very long time and am so happy for the progress. I have been so impressed with your courage, perseverance and upbeat attitude that I was happy to support you by donating to Charlotte. After reading about APTB on your blog, and all the benefits it provided you on this journey I was glad to be able to pass it forward. Can't wait to read about your next accomplishment.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouraging words and for donating to Charlottes fundraising efforts! We were taught by my father growing up that if we were willing to work hard, we could do anything we set our minds to. What he didn't tell us, but I have learned the hard way through Forrest's journey, is that we can't do the really hard things alone. Without the love, support, faith and donations of family and friends, and our higher power we never would have made it through the darkest hours. God bless and thank you. Forrest's Mum

  3. What a great glad to be a part of it all. Super glad you are all home and have so much to celebrate! You've lived this life to new levels of meaningfulness!! Well done.