Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picture of the Day 9/17

Forrest, Valerie, Mom and Sundance enjoying the garden in Washington. Forrest looking particularly sporty in his Orange hat and Sundance being brave as the squirrels harassed him.  Full update tomorrow.


  1. LOVE THIS PHOTO! In addition to being what I suspect is "typically" Forrest, that jaunty hat hints of more fun times to come!

    So incredible to see Forrest on the parallel bars and his relaxed hands. I see a difference, I think!

    Can't wait for the 'deets on Forrest's progress this week. :)

    Love to all of you,
    Shannon & Jim and girls3

  2. What a loverly picture!! That hat is just SO YOU, Forrest!! Keep up the good work!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur