Sunday, September 25, 2011

Picture of the Day, 9/25/11

We were blown away by all the support at the Super H 5k in Tysons today! Team Forrest was the top fundraiser and generated $5,000 for NRH's adaptive sports program. Many thanks to Pops for holding down the fort with Forrest and to all who donated and came in to walk for Forrest and NRH!

Just a portion of the people who came out to walk with Team Forrest


  1. I ran with you virtually.....congrats to all who teamed up for a great cause!! Proud of everyone!!! Wishes for a good week for Forrest!

  2. Amazing, and what a great looking group!! Another item on the checklist of great accomplishments for Team 44. Love you all and go, Team 44!!! (my last post was signed beccha because I was in a different gmail account :) )

  3. I'm so glad the 5K walk went well with lots of participants for Team Forrest. And, that is wonderful about your great fundraising efforts!! I'm thrilled for you!

    Forrest, keep up your good work!! We saw your grandmom yesterday and she ate with out group. She sure is feeling a lot better! And, her orneryness is back big time! She gave Wilbur a fit!

    Love and Prayers, Joyce and Wilbur

  4. What a gorgeous picture!!! So many beautiful and smiling faces all trying to match Forrest's marathon effort.

    You all ROCK. Thank you for doing this for Forrest, for NRH and for all of us to witness.

    Extra props to Pops for holding down the fort. :)

    So much love to all of you. Please keep these pics and reports comin'!

    Shannon et al. XO