Friday, September 30, 2011

Picture of the Day: 9/30

Hi all, as Forrest improves day by day, visits from friends & teachers continue to inspire and motivate him. We also show him almost daily your videos posted to the Friends of Forrest facebook page. He really lights up when seeing your thoughtful messages and hearing what you all are up to. So to his peers, when you get a chance to take a break from "studying" for a minute, record and post a short video (1-2min), he really loves hearing from you. The girls have had a great turn out recently, lets get some guys posting videos as well! Thanks!

Here's a picture from today of Forrest working hard at the difficult task of maintaining his equilibrium while sitting.


  1. Forrest,
    It was great to see you last week.  I saw a lot of determination in your face particularly during your musical therapy . . . and  your eyes were tracking me like a hawk!  I know it's hard and it must be unbelievably frustrating but keep your eye on the prize.  I have faith in you. 

    Uncle John

  2. Oh, I love this photo! Forrest smiling at what is happening on the screen...what incredible friends he has - mainly because Forrest is an incredible friend, too, I suspect.

    Rae, it was so wonderful to see you at the meet this morning, however, fleetingly. We miss you all so. Please know that we are in your midst and you are in ours until you can physically be here. This will happen more and more in the coming weeks - I'm confident of this!

    In keeping with John's comment about faith above, I've been thinking a lot about the faith required of all of you to keep walking this recovery trail with a sense of hope and confidence of outcome.

    A favorite quote of mine is, "We are twice armed if we fight with faith." Plato.

    I have envisioned you all girded for battle so often during this journey. You have an army helping you - Forrest's doctors, nurses, therapists, beloved family and devoted friends - but, you all are on the front line.

    Please know how often I pray to God for your faith to be strengthened. That you feel a surge of hope just went it's needed, that Forrest has a breakthrough at an unexpected moment - all toward the effort of forging the steel that has become your faith.

    You are twice armed - by one another and all of us and by God.

    If God is for us, who can be against? Romans 8:31.

    Much love to your great family,
    Shannon et al.

  3. Yay Forrest! Love seeing the smiles shining through! Thomas and I are rooting for you all the way!!! xoxo
    -Berkeley and Thomas Gunnell

  4. I had the best Music Therapy day with Forrest this morning - Pictures to come - A Place to be is dedicating November as Team Forrest Month - More to come - He played a recorder today - MUSIC!

  5. Such great news - the sitting up, concentration, and smile in the photo and now hearing about playing a recorder - just super! We are so very glad Forrest and cheering louder than ever. Go Team! Hugs, The Shermans

  6. Looking good Forrest! I'm trying to make my way out to visit you soon!
    Much love,
    Maryjane :)

  7. Looking strong bro!
    Keep up the awesome work, miss you and the fam!