Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Only a minor "bump in the road"

As Forrest is getting stronger and moving more often through the day the drainage from the major surgical site on his back increased and unfortunately the drain tubing clotted creating a large pocket of fluid in his back. The tubing is open again and we are hopeful that overnight the swelling in his back will start resolving and our escape tomorrow will not be delayed.  Dr. Kumar came by to see Forrest again tonight and is optimistic that the graft is going to be good and the drainage will resolve without surgical intervention.   Throughout this uncomfortable day Forrest has powered on, refusing additional pain medication,  even managing to feed Toliver himself tonight!  Toliver was delighted to bring Forrest his bowl and waited politely until Forrest said the magic words "Go for it Tolly" before chowing down. 

As eager as we are to get home, we will miss the many wonderful nurses, doctors, and physical therapists who have helped Forrest immeasurably during his stay at Johns Hopkins.  They clearly have been as delighted and amazed by Forrest's rapid progress as we are.  After many painful and prolonged recoveries, it is a thrill to see him doing so well at this stage. There are bound to be hurdles ahead but he is strong and we are blessed by your love and support.

With Nurse Dawn standing watch bedside tonight, Tami and I begin packing up our 44 outpost.  Transport support team Rebekah and Kent arrive in the morning and with any luck we will be BrightWood Bound tomorrow.  
Mum & Team 44


  1. No worry..home is where the most love is.....Team 44 will be back home !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recovery will be much quicker at Brightwood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always love,hugs and positive thoughts sent to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We love your enthusiasm and faith in Forrest but only know you as the follower with the most exclamation points! Can Forrest know who is is behind the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YEAH Forrest!! What a champ!!! You Continue to amaze and inspire us all. Lilli says hi and she hopes to see you at APTB soon!!! Prayers for continued healing and a smooth transition

    Donna Barkley

  3. Hey Forrest

    I am sending positive thoughts your way to continue healing. So glad you are making great progress, even feeding Toliver, I am sure he loves that!
    Hope you get to go home today and can settle back into BrightWood's wonderful energy.

    Love Aunt Tricia