Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Physical Therapy today

Although Forrest's balance is precarious and his strength is far from his pre-surgical baseline, his determination and enthusiasm are as robust as ever. His PT asked him for 10 marching steps while seated bedside and of course Forrest proceeded to give her 15. Del would be so proud of his Champ!  

After an arduous hike down the hall to a big window overlooking the Baltimore Harbor, with two fantastic therapists to keep Forrest safe and on track, Toliver rewarded Forrest with HIS preferred form of physical therapy... FETCH!!!  They have both been waiting for this exquisitely precious toss of the ball. 

Tami will be Forrest's guardian angel tonight to make sure he practices his extraordinary thumb wrestling technique and doesn't attempt another unauthorized exit from the bed. Thankfully, either Tami or Nurse Dawn have been bedside at night and have intervened successfully to keep that precious Noggin safe around the clock. 

If our consults go well tomorrow and Forrest continues to make steady progress, without infection or other complications, we just might make it home to Brightwood on Thursday!!!! 

Whew. That would be sweet. 

Thrilled to be on the homestretch,

Mum and Team Forrest


  1. Awesome update! Missing you guys already. Was awesome to FaceTime with you 44, keep on getting stronger!


  2. Great news!! Brightwood is right there on the not too distant horizon, Forrest! You are making amazing progress;
    Go Team 44!!

  3. Forrest

    Now don't go easy on Tami in the thumb wrestling arena. You almost always beat me! Keep up the great work. Look out Tami - he is sneaky thumb wrestler!!
    Will envision you guys heading home Thursday
    Love Aunt Tricia

    1. Especially when he sneaks in the "snake bite"!

  4. Hope the trip home does indeed happen on Thursday! That would be so super...great job on PT...of course! Lots of love from Colorado Aunt Lynn and gang

  5. I've been practicing thumb exercises and I want a rematch when you get back here! :) love, Kim