Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update: 10:00am on 4/5

Well Forrest, I am back here with you in Emory Neuro ICU. I spent three weeks with you in late January.  There were long nights at UVA watching over you in that Neruo ICU, to wakefulness, and the transition to Sheperd in Atlanta. When I flew home in mid February, you were tossing me the ball from the hospital bed. After I left, you made great progress and were up, walking and talking.

There are times in our lives when events out of our control define us in the most intense circumstances. This family has a determination of moving forward, the courage to stand strong in the middle of the swirling unknown, amazing connections to family, friends, and friends we have yet to meet.  My sister and I were walking across a busy street here in Atlanta and she reached out and hooked her arm around mine. As we looked both ways and crossed, I realized how important it is to hook arms and watch out for each other. Our family has been fortunate that we were instilled with that mantra to look out for each other. And as we have moved through our lives we have held fast to that belief. Now we look around and open our vision to those who surround us now in some dark times. I am but a part time visitor to this present circumstance and I amazed at the wonderful support that has come our way. So as you continue to heal and find the path that will lead you back to us, just remember there are a lot of people hooked arm and arm and looking both ways.

Yesterday afternoon you had an MRI scan to compare your last images. There was an area in the frontal part of your brain that need more detail. Last night they did a Contrast MRI that showed a possible abscess in the frontal area of your brain. This is a small pocket of infection that needs to be cleaned out immediately. The surgeon left about an hour ago and discussed the plan with Rae and Kent (via conference call). So they will take the flap off, remove the abscess and clean the area out.  They will leave the flap off for now. The surgery will happen today, they are just waiting for a time slot to open. While we wait, I watch your mom hold your hand and talk to you about coming home to the farm, having a big party and inviting all your friends and wonderful nurses and doctors to come celebrate your recovery.

You are young and strong and courageous. So we will do this and move on. As my brother John says, “work the problem”. We will focus one day at a time and get through this moment and onto the next until we get you home at the farm.

Love Aunt Tricia, Mom, Austin, Kent and all Team 44 members far and wide

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”
- Harriet Beecher Stowe


  1. At least there is an explanation for the setback. We are so sorry that you have to go through another major surgical procedure, Forrest. We hope you can focus on the vision of the homecoming party at Brightwood while in the twilight zone during the surgery, and wake up feeling refreshed and with even more resolve to tackle the rehab challenges on your way to COMPLETE recovery. We're pulling for you, Forrest, in this tough break. We know that your birthright of perfect health will prevail! We're enclosing the entire Team 44 in a cosmic hug. Can you feel it?

    Diane & Jay

  2. Be safe, dear Forrest. We are praying for you and your family today even harder-if that is possible-as you go through surgery and start back on the comeback trail.

    When I've gone for walks or rides this week I have stopped on various hilltops in the gorgeous Virginia countryside and looked out at the spectacular, greening views, the fields you rode across, the Bull Run Mountains that define our shared neighborhood, the hint of pink from the redbuds that want to bloom...and I feel closer to God than ever and I pray, pray, pray for all of Team Forrest.

    We cannot wait to join you in celebrating your recovery and your return to the beautiful place we call home.

    Your neighbors and cheerleaders,
    Carina, Caroline and Sajen
    Dean, Kaki and Christina

  3. I'm so glad the MRI's finally spotted the problem. God be with you and Team 44 as you go back into surgery, Forrest. Like Diane said above, we're all pulling for you! More importantly, we're all praying for your fast recovery.

    Love, Joyce & Wilbur

  4. Thinking about all of you today while I pray with deep faith that all will be better tomorrow as you start your new path to recovery. Fight strong Forrest, everyone is waiting for you to return!


  5. Love you, bud~ good luck today. You are in my heart and prayers, always. xx

  6. Forrest and Team 44
    We are hoping and praying that this surgery will be the solution to put you back on the path to a full recovery and ultimately home for that celebration at Brightwood!
    Love from all of us,
    The Selfes

  7. Stay strong, all of you. Many of us are, indeed, hooked arm and arm and looking both ways. Prayers are coming your way.

  8. Dear God,

    We place our worries in Your hands.
    We ask that You restore Your servant Forrest to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge Your holy will and know that whatsoever You do, You do for the love of Forrest.


    The DeSantis Family