Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update: 5:30pm on 4/5

At 4:30pm Dr Barrow walked in and told us Forrest was out of surgery and that everything went well. There were no complications. The lesion was removed and biopsied and it will be a few days before all the test results come back. In a few days we hope to have a clearer picture of how this procedure will positively effect his progress. Meanwhile, we wanted to let everyone know that Forrest is out of surgery and now he is back on that road towards Brightwood farm.

He is still in the recovery room and will be back in his room soon. We will be taking turns to stay by his side around the clock so when he wakes up he will have someone he knows with him.

We are again grateful for all the support, blog posts, emails, and thoughts and prayers that surround us every day. Thanks so much and we will update tomorrow.

We have been here before and know the way out. Arm and arm, here we go.
Aunt Tricia, and Team 44


  1. So glad to hear that he made it through the surgery well and that he is back on that golden road to Brightwood. All of us at Stonehall have been thinking of all of you today. Stay strong, stay well, Love Sue

  2. So glad he mad it through surgery he will be back home soon.. Miss all of u .

    LOVE<3 the Elgins

  3. Please tell Forrest that after a horrible thunderstorm here in Virginia last night and a cold, driving rain through the morning, a big wind blew the ugly weather away and let the blue sky and sun return. The daffodils finally look ready to welcome spring.
    I hope this surgery marks the way to a happy, sunny spring for you, Forrest. As our fields turn green and the flowers come out, you'll grow stronger and stronger. It would be great to have you home for the roses in June.
    Love to you and your parents and Austin.

  4. How wonderful that his surgery went well. Thanks SO MUCH for letting us know it is over! Hopefully, this will take care of the problem and you can all start moving forward again. Tell him "howdy" from everyone when he wakes up!

    Love, Joyce & Wilbur

  5. Dearest Team 44,
    Thank you more than I can ever begin to say for making the time and more importantly the mental effort to let us know every single day how Forrest is doing. I just can't tell you what a gift you are giving to us all.
    Love, Debbie and all the rest of your Hill family

  6. Wonderful! I am so happy to read that Forrest's surgery went well. Thank you for all the updates and for keeping us posted on Forrest's progress. He is surely loved by many, many people.

  7. You've been in my thoughts all day. Good news, indeed!

  8. Good news and we hope the night goes well for all of you. Please look up at the moon and know that many of your support team are also gazing at the moon throughout the night, sending love and support up to the golden orb so that they can shower down upon you. We are all connected in this valiant effort to get Forrest completely well. Thank you for being there!

    Sending love,
    Diane & Jay

  9. So glad that Forrest is out of surgery and that his Doctor said everything went well. That is such a huge hurdle you are through. It sounds like you have an amazing medical team. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts to all of you, especially Forrest.

    -Abby Laughlin

  10. Forrest, this is Grandmom saying I am so very proud of you just hanging in and going right on through that surgery. I have had people calling all day with blessings for you and then returning calls to say they were thrilled you came through the surgery so well, and saying they will sleep well tonight knowing the Drs. found your problem and took care of it. Everyone here sends their love to you, your mom, dad, and Austin. So many have told me what an amazing family I belong to. Dr. Sam at church was so glad to know the Drs. found the problem. Here'w a big thumbs up to you honey!! I love you so much. Grandmom Allen.

  11. Hi Forrest!

    You may remember me from Kingswood Camp a few years back!

    I check your blog daily and have found such strength, courage, and inspiration from you and your family. I feel like I know you personally and I hope that one day soon I can.

    Once this is all over and you are back in Middleburg, you will be unstoppable! Having gone through what you have, and having CONQUERED it all, you will be on top of the world!

    I can't wait for the blog post that says you are back home and back to your old routine!

    Many people you don't even know have you on their mind. I'm thinking of you always and I pray for your health and happiness!

    Sara Wipfler (sister of Rob and Mike)

  12. Dear tired faithful Team Forrest,

    I have been praying all afternoon and evening. I am thankful to read that Forrest is in recovery, and his surgery swift and successful. I pray that you receive clear answers in the next few days.

    I can only imagine the depth of your mental and physical fatigue. I'm just so sorry that you all had to endure another surgery, and I pray that Forrest will soon recover from this hurtle and get back on a healing path.

    I pray that you are apportioned the grace and strength you need to get through each day. Please try hard to get good rest and eat when you are able.

    Intense prayers for a stable and restful night for Forrest....and all of you.

    Aunt Tricia, you are clearly a gem.

    Love and special hugs to Rae, Kent and Austin,

  13. C ome on Forrest! We are rooting for you
    O verwhelming love coming your way
    O ut of the box prayers sent in honor of you
    L oyalty from family & friends by your side

    P rogress. It's what you are all about
    L ifetime of memories still to come
    A lways thinking of you
    C onfidence in your destination
    E very moment counts towards your bigger plan
    S hiny happy people pulling for you daily.

    We wish you could physcially grace us with your spirt and smile and while you are healing we hope you are dreaming of dancing dolphins, lots of laughter and surrounded by love.

    Love Michelle and the DQ team.

  14. We are all hoping and praying the surgery was successful. Forrest is in our prayers constantly! Please let him know the kids at highland are constantly thinking of him.
    Joan and Oliver Brown
    Libby Brown
    kristen Killie

  15. Hey Forrest! That's good news, we all really miss you here at kettle run, I can't wait to here more good news, and we're keeping you in mind.

    Your friend,
    Ryan Waddell

  16. Dear Forrest, Oh I wish I had the eloquence of all the other 'posters'...all I can say is that we love you all, are thrilled that this next step was a success and will be with you in our thoughts every step of the way. Your Friends, Kerry Linda, David and John Marshall