Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update: 7:00pm on 4/6

One major improvement today: Forrest is off the ventilator, his endo-tracheal breathing tube was removed and he is now breathing on his own... meaning we can breath too. The decision was not made easily or in haste; several tests were performed to make sure he can breath consistently with enough force, despite being on significant painkillers. He is also still on supplemental oxygen. Being off the ventilator is great news, as it greatly reduces the risk of pneumonia, which we really don't want him to have to go through... again.

His team is waiting to see how he responds to the removal of the prosthetic skull and the abscess, while still trying to pinpoint the initial cause of his decline. He is tracking more with his eyes which is a great sign.

Thanks for all the support,

Austin, and the rest of the Unstoppable Team Forrest

Mom, Austin and Forrest celebrating the extubation

Mom moving his legs, working on keeping him flexible


  1. What a great team! Glad to see you and that handsome Forrest again! - and with only a couple of tubes. My goodness, we so wish he didn't have the setback and can only begin to understand the intensity of it all, but we are so very glad he is breathing, tracking, etc. Familiar territory for all of you and last time with such unbelievably great results - good to think of that as you all begin to move forward again. Surely having some answers re: why this happened will be helpful for you as well for many reasons. So now, we are praying for strength for all of you and that things stay on a positive course. Possibly having been thru all the rehab before might make it a bit easier in the days ahead - hope so. We continue to cheer you on each step of the way, large or small, and hold you close in prayer and thought. With much love, The Shermans

  2. Oh, it is so good to read of Forrest's extubation. I know it is still a tenuous time of transition to balance the pain meds Forrest truly needs with keeping his respirations strong. I pray the medical staff can keep finding the right balance while Forrest gets stronger. I'll confess I shed a tear to see how thin Forrest has become. But, I know that weight can be regained and weakness overcome.

    So much love and constant prayer for Forrest and all of you amazing warriors.

    Shannon et al. XO

  3. How wonderful that he's off the ventilator! I know he's got to be happy about that. And keeping up with the exerciseing of his legs, I'm sure, is a big part of helping him to get mobil again when that time comes. All of our prayers are being answered daily. God bless all of you, and we'll keep the prayers flowing!! Joyce and Wilbur

  4. Prayers are still being answered and it is so wonderful to see those baby steps being taken...... our arms are still linked and the love is being sent to all of you. Thank you for keeping us posted... I know it is such an effort for you, but it is greatly appreciated. Continue to heal, Forrest.... you have such an amazing team to help you! Love, The Davises (Mark, Betsy & Lauren)

  5. My heavy heart is MUCH lighter having read this. I continue to be SO heartened by your phenomenal family. Your resolve, your support, your
    teamwork AND your willingness and talent in allowing so many of us to share in your path. Godspeed and HUGS to ALL
    xxxox Karla & the gand

  6. Team Forrest,
    Looks like a big hurdle has been jumped and Forrest is off and running again. We are really cheering for you, Forrest, and know you will continue to make good improvement each day. It has been a tough race, but God is watching over you. Be strong. We pray for you and your family.
    Love and hugs.
    Susanne & Steve

  7. Forrest and Team 44,
    Great news of your progress! You are healing and gathering strength for your continuing recovery.
    We have been looking through some old photos of a 5th grade birthday party which turned into a video game extravaganza. Can't wait to see you all smiling as broadly as in these pictures.
    With love, Julie and Eric

  8. I made this video for forrest, can you please make sure he sees it! Lots of love from the Mercersburg community. Love you forfor, stay strong!

  9. As always, we are sending you all strength, love and prayers! Naomi and David

  10. Forrest, you're doing it - you're getting through it. You are so, so strong and so, so loved by everyone. I pray for you every day,even though I am not that religious a person. Just a few more days and the worst will be over. You are everyone's hero.

    Abby Laughlin

  11. Video for Forrest from your Mercersburg friends, who miss you very much.

  12. Aloha Forrest, so glad to learn of your progress. Stay strong! Every Ironman needs a strong support crew & you have the top notch crew standing beside you!
    Prays to you & the family,