Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update: 11:30pm on 4/20

A rough day for Team Forrest. After further consideration the team at Johns Hopkins decided that Forrest’s storming needed to be under better control before he can be further evaluated for what lead to his regression in the first place. So no trip to Johns Hopkins tomorrow. A disappointment for the team 44 not to be going closer to home, but only for a moment. That’s all the time we could spare.

The place where Forrest made the most progress after his UVA experience was Shepherd Center. Hopefully we will move him there tomorrow and we all hope he will make the same sort of progress that he made before and we can get the storming under control. Dr. Kaelin and his team of doctors, nurses and therapists were magic for Forrest before and we are all hoping a repeat engagement that is even better. 

So the plan changes and it remains the same. Get Forrest better, we go forward one day at a time. He is trying so hard and he tells it to in very small ways, which is the only way he can right now. But he is in there and he is giving it everything he can to get back to us. 

So Hopkins or wherever he goes after he gets thru the storms and progresses will have to wait to for another day. First to Shepherd , then on to the rest.

Thanks for everyone’s support. 
Dad and Team Forrest


  1. To Shepherd it is.....that place loves him. Let the sequel begin and Forrest will "star" again!

  2. I know you are disappointed about not going to John Hopkins but everything does happen for a reason. There is a reason Forrest is meant to go back to the Shepherd Center. If you look back at the blog and his time there it was amazing how much progress he made and how fast. I have no doubt God is putting you in the direction you are supposed to go. I remember a saying I thought someone said was one of Forrest's favorites (I apologize if I am wrong), "when nothing goes right....go left". So left it is!

    Christie Jones

  3. Dear Team

    Sometimes what seems a setback is relly another step in the correct way. Shepherd was so fantastic he was at "home" there so going back must be good.

    Thoughts and prayers are winging your way from the OConnor team in England for Badminton and myself from Louisiana this weekend. We have an Easter service on Sunday I will ask for a prayer for Forrest.


  4. Shepard will be great. As someone said, this is just Forrest going left. Think how far you've come in the past few weeks. Diagnosed the issue, made it through surgery, breathing on his own, off the nasal tube,making it through the fungal infection, a plan in place for the next phase of Forrest's recovery. That is really an incredible few weeks. You guys are all amazing. I hope you know that.

    Abby Laughlin

  5. Kent, Rae and Austin

    While we are sorry for your disappointment in the news from Johns Hopkins, we are happy to see the move back to Shepherd where Forrest saw so much success. While we will miss the opportunity to have you close again, we hope that the familiar surroundings of Shepherd have a positive effect.

    Sometimes we feel like we are alone at sea in the middle of a violent storm. We feel as though we are continuously battered by the wind and the waves. We are wet, cold, and exhausted, sure that the next wave will break us. You have been battling the storm for more than 4 months now. As the skies were beginning to clear and the seas beginning to calm, it turned out to be the eye of the storm, not the end. Once again you have found yourselves being beaten and battered by the wind and the waves. Throughout this storm you have continued to fight to stay afloat until the storm passes. Your determination and steadfastness have buoyed you.

    As you fight on, waiting for the rest of the storm to pass, know that you are not alone. You are constantly in the thoughts, hearts and prayers of so many. When you feel weary from the struggle, know that the storm will subside, the skies will clear and the surf will calm.

    While we cannot see the meaning and purpose right now, remember that it is an ill wind that blows no good.

    Love the Selfes

  6. Hi Team Forrest! I'm so sorry for your disappointment, but I'm glad you are moving him back to Shephard and his original doctors and nurses. They were so GOOD for Forrest the first time that maybe they'll have that magic touch again. We sure will hope and pray for that to happen. Blessings to all of you.

    Joyce & Wilbur

  7. We too are sorry you are disappointed but hoping that a return to Shepherd proves to be a very good thing. A huge plus, it seems, is the familiarity of it all - his case itself, the surroundings, the caretakers - maybe it will trigger something in Forrest that will be the beginning of another bright path on this journey....we are praying that is the case. Believing that Brian's wonderful description above of the storm is accurate, we hope that soon Forrest will begin to emerge again - smiling and shining and truly connected to his Team 44 and the world that loves him. Sending our love to all of you, The Shermans