Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update: 10:00pm on 5/21

It's been a busy couple of days without Mom. Aunt Tricia and I didn't realize how much we missed Mom and how much she does every day until she flew back to VA on Thursday. She went into DC and Baltimore to look at two rehab centers as possibilities for the next phase. Forrest missed her as well. Forrest is getting a little stronger, holding himself up for longer periods and moving his limbs a bit more. He's still having a lot of trouble with back pain, tremors, speaking, and swallowing. He's definitely in there, he's never, ever, stopped trying, no matter how difficult it is for him to hold his head up or answer "yes." We're glad Mom returned tonight, hopefully seeing her tomorrow will help him eat successfully again.


Forrest soaking up the love of the May 7th community photo taken at the Hill School for him. The cards held up in the picture spell "We Love you Forrest"


  1. How wonderful that we could all have Forrest closer. He seems to thrive on the love of all his fans. Having him closer means everyone can help out in so many ways.

    -Abby Laughlin

  2. Hi Team Forrest. Owen and I were talking about Forrest and selfishly hoping that he is able to do the next phase of recovery closer to home so that we might get to have a visit. But hey, that's not selfish - who wouldn't want to have a visit with Forrest and hopefully our visit will show him how many people are still thinking of him every day and praying for him. People he has never met or people who have been a part of his life many years ago and of course his recent friends as well. And yes, we know he cannot be overwhelmed by visitors, we will wait our turn, but we will rejoice when our turn arrives. Much love to each of you and prayers for continued strength and healing for Forrest and love and support for each of you.

    Donna and Owen Looney

  3. Austin, Your blogs are amazing, and so helpful to those of us who, first thing after awaking, check for news of Forrest. It will be great for Forrest to enter the next phase and be closer to home--Team 44 is a powerful force. We love you all. Thoughts and prayers--Jim and Gail

  4. Forrest,
    I'm so happy to see you wearing your Middleburg cap! It looks wonderful on you. And more importantly, it is full of love from all of your Middleburg friends....just like that wonderful picture of everyone taken at Hill School!
    I know you are happy to have you Mum back... even though I know Austin took excellent care of you. Your Mum is so special! May you continue to improve each day and find your way closer to home on the next "move"...... we continue to send prayers and love and hope we will be seeing you soon! With love, Betsy, Mark & Lauren Davis

  5. Hi Forrest, I haven't been on here much for the last couple of days, but I continue to pray for you every day. I, too, hope you'll be closer to your friends when you move, so more of them can visit you. I know they all miss you terribly--in all your pictures, it looks like you were together all the time.

    Keep up the good work. I know you're happy to have your Mum back with you.

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur

  6. Forrest and Team 44,
    It is exciting that Forrest is moving on to another phase of his recovery, and like Abby and Donna I believe Forrest will thrive with more visits from loved ones. I know team 44 will pick the right spot.

    Tyler arrived home from school late last week and for the first time since Christmas break we had the whole family sitting together for a meal Saturday morning, we were reminiscing about some of the fun things we have done over the years and both Tyler and Tori came back to the vacation we spent with you in Hawaii at Dolphin Quest. Although it may seem impossible right now, I know in my heart that all this hard work Forrest and team are doing right now will pay off in the future and you will all enjoy some simpler days.

    Keep hanging in there. We are all pulling for you guys.
    Love and prayers,
    The Selfes

  7. What a neat picture for Forrest to enjoy!! So much love and support!!

    Hope having mum back makes for some good days!!

    Lots of love,
    Kelly and Family:)

  8. Glad your mom had the opportunity to get home for a bit and hope the search for a great facility is a fruitful one.