Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update:11:00pm on 5/3

The love and support we have felt from our community so very far away continues to amaze and inspire us.  Our great friend Julie Nettere is organizing a photo shoot to create a picture (worth more than a million words) of Forrest's friends and supporters cheering for him back home. The timing couldn't be more powerful, as we had all hoped to bring Forrest home by this weekend...we'll just have to set a new date.

In the meantime, we can't wait to hang this photo where he will see all the reasons to keep working hard each day on our path back home... see the full the scoop from Julie below.

With love beyond measure,
Team Forrest

Smiling faces for Forrest!!

We are spreading the word of a community photo shoot to be done for Forrest and in support of Team  Forrest at the Hill School this Saturday, May 7th, at 10am SHARP. It will be in the outdoor amphitheatre which is south east of the gym. Enter off of Landmark School Rd at the top of the hill. Extra parking is next to the gym. The goal is to share with Forrest the faces of so many people who are wishing him well!

What a wonderful spot to take the photo and bring back Hill School memories for Forrest including helping to plant some of the trees surrounding the amphitheatre. He was involved in that activity more than six years ago! There is also a second location available after the Highland Junior class SAT/AP exams. For details please contact Sean McGuiness or Highland classmates. If there are other remote  locations, please include a guest list and email the photos to Austin at a.asalle@gmail.com!

Julie, Eric, Oli, and Izzy Nettere

Forrest napping in Shepherd's Secret Garden, most likely dreaming of home...


  1. Hi Forrest! You look mighty comfortable napping there in the Secret Garden. It is so wonderful that all you friends are going to do a photo shoot especially for you. I know you'll enjoy the pictures. Keep working hard and you'll be headed home in no time!

    Love, Joyce Ellis

  2. Looking forward to smiling at you in person, but I will be there on Saturday for the "group smile"!! What a wonderful idea. We continue to send love and prayers for all of you.
    Love, Betsy Davis

  3. Might have to get "photoshopped" in on Saturday, but we are always there and everywhere rooting for you in spirit! So many people care for you and are wishing you well. At Caroline's prom at Kettle Run the other night (Sajen was her date- will post photo on Facebook!) lots of faculty members asked about you. So, come on, cute guy, we know you are resting up so you can put your recovery into turbo boost again!

    Your Elgin neighbors and Team 44 Cheerleaders,
    Carina, Caroline and Sajen
    Dean, Kaki and Christina

  4. Forrest, looking at you sleeping - and what better for us moms than to watch our peaceful, sleeping children - I can't help but believe that you are storing up/regathering strength to tackle what is ahead of you once again...your progress before was so incredibly quick and powerful but your body was also incredibly injured. Perhaps the whys of the setback might never be fully answered, but perhaps your body is doing exactly what it needs to do in light of all it has endured. Trusting that is the case, we continue to cheer you on in your fight to recover - minute by minute, inch by inch - and have complete faith that it will happen. In time, you won't be dreaming, you'll actually be back at the farm, with Sundance and all of your friends and family who love and care about you so deeply. Hold fast, stay strong, trust, and be patient. It will come. Sending love from the Shermans, Lisa

  5. Just checking how is Forrest today. Will check back later in the day.

    Hazel, James and Rebekah

  6. Awesome idea for a community photo!!!! The Davis' will be there and I will ask if I can bring my camera to capture some candids, too.

    I have posted the info on my FB page.

    The weather is supposed to be glorious.

    Can't wait!

    More in a bit...Rae, your posts weigh heavy on my heart and mind and constantly in my prayers.

    What precious young women to come to visit their good buddy, Forrest. I have to think that gave him a huge boost.

    Love to all of you,

  7. Forrest,
    What a beautiful place to catch some Zs! I hope your nap re-energizes you.