Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update: 12:00am on 5/26

Well…Forrest you gave us a bit of a scare today.

You had a morning that started off bad and got worse quickly. You were running a fever, then vomited your meds up, were excessively lethargic, and your mom saw the change in your skull cavity. Doctors were called, vitals taken and your mom correctly insisted these were signs that were all quickly changing for the worse. You were moved upstairs to ICU were they gave you IV fluids, and took blood for labs. Lab work showed you had an infection so they started antibiotics and we waited for more tests to be run. Your CT scan showed some changes. So we waited for more consultations and labs. While we waited, you and I spent time together and you started responding to my voice, turning your head to look at me, you gave me a shaky peace sign and we slowly passed the small rubber ball back and forth. You were shaky and trying to work through the tremors, you were slow, but deliberate on how you handled the ball. So at that point I felt like I could breathe again, and only realized then that I had been almost holding my breath since Rae called me to say come quick they are taking him to ICU. Forrest, you are so strong and determined, this is just another damn detour on our way to get you home.

We will meet with the docs in the early morning to review more labs and see how you did during the night. Your Mom and Dad will have a conference call with some more doctors tomorrow to see what the next plan is for you. Tonight rest easy and sleep dreams of rolling hills, tall grasses waving in the breeze, that beautiful horizon from your back porch, Sundance trotting by you and friends and family encircling you with the power of love.

Love Aunt Tricia and team 44

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  1. Wow, fellow...that was a scare. I am glad that mum figured it all out so fast and got some action fast. I am sure they will get this cleared up also and you will be back on the road to healing. Sorry for the short detour. I can tell by the other comments that you are making progress in the things you can do and in getting your strength back. We are still here cheering you on each day and lifting you up in our prayers continually. much love Aunt Lynn

  2. Good morning, bud~ I've been fretting and fretting since I talked to Aunt Tricia yesterday morning, so I am so relieved to hear your day improved, even a bit. I hope you were able to get some peaceful rest last night and that today brings answers and relief, both physical and emotional. Love you lots, bud~ can't wait to see you back up here soon. xx

  3. Forrest

    Hang in there, baby! Moms always know. Lucky for you, yours is smart and strong and was on top of things. I cant think of anyone else I would like to be fighting on my behalf than your mom and dad. You know that, even though he can't physically be there every day, your dad is right there with the rest of team 44. You see how tough your Mom is every day, but don't forget how tough Dad is. He has all the same love and worry as your Mom, but doesn't get to be there with you every day.

    Like so many others, we are always thinking about you and your family. Today will be a better day!!!!

    Love the Selfe's

  4. Prayers, love and strength all coming your way. You've made it through every other infection with flying colors. What an incredible advocate you have in your mum. Hell hath no fury like a mother fighting for her child. But in this journey, we are all your mum,Dad,brother and sister,drawing on the incredible strength and love of your family. Keep those peace signs going and add a fist bump now and then.

    Abby Laughlin and family

  5. Oh Forrest. We're all sending you positive thoughts and prayers. Hang in there,

  6. Sorry to hear about your scary day, Forrest. Praying that the doctors can identify and correct the issue quickly -- lots of love to all of Team Forrest!

    Lee & Lisa

  7. I had a dream about you last night!! I had a dream I went to visit you and you were talking and and laughing and up and walking and stuff. We were all painting (and my mom was teaching us how to paint...strange). I think I'm going to take this as a good sign that things are moving in the right direction. It is just a matter of time before this isn't a dream and a reality. Stay strong!!

  8. Hi Forrest,

    I'm so amazed by you! In the midst of it all you gave a peace sign. What a blessing that your mom and Team 44 are so on top of things.

    I will be praying the doctors will have wisdom to know what you need most from here to prevent further infections and to spur on your continued healing.

    I'm so inspired by all of you (Forrest and Team 44).

    Austin, you are an amazing brother! The picture of the two of you melted my heart. You really are an example of love.

    We love you and are praying for you all!

    Kelly and Family

  9. Grandmom Norma AllenMay 27, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    Whew!! Forrest, I heard from your Dad this afternoon that you are a little better. I've said it before but just a tiny bit of good news about you is so good. What a relief!! I'm sure you are on your way back up again. Bless your heart. I'll pray hard for you to not have any more setbacks but continue to get better all the time. I just love seeing you and that super brother of yours together. Your Dad knew I would be really worried.Thanks Kent

    I don't think I've told you but when one of your pictures showed up the other day I had some poster paper on hand, so blew it up to 8by10 and printed it in color; put it in a shield and put it in the passenger seat of my car so any time I go somewhere you are sitting right beside me and when someone comes up to side of my car they see it, think it is so neat.
    Thank goodness for your Mom!! Amd I'm so glad Aunt Trish is there! so-o glad. Rae - thank you more than I can say. xoxoxox Love you and that Team 44!! Gramma Norma

  10. Wow! What a day you all have had. Rae, good catch! Those Doctors may end up wanting to hire you!! You all are the most steadfast group I've ever known!

    I'm keeping the prayers coming. Norma Lou and I email each other every day now. I've gotten to know and love her so much more in these last months, and she is a real joy to be around.

    Love, Joyce Ellis

  11. Dear Forrest and Team 44, I'm continually amazed by the skill you all show while navigating this very difficult and unpredictable road. I pray you are resting peacefully right now Forrest and the infection is moving out of your body. I pray that with the morning light there is new light in your treatment plan and that your wonderful caregivers - family and professional staff there are regenerated and fresh.
    Love to you,
    Donna (and the whole Looney/Barkley clan)

  12. Oh golly, Forrest. What else can they throw at all of you!!! Caroline told me first thing this morning about the scary new post, but good thing your mom knows you so very, very well and could get you help right away. You are doing such an amazing job fighting your way back. I know your athlete's attitude keeps you working so hard, and we are so proud of you. We can't wait to have all of you safely back up the hill.
    all the Elgins

  13. Good morning, Forrest!
    I hope you had a restful night of sleep and fighting off the infection. We know you're in there, fighting to get back to your Team 44...what an amazing group of people!!! I am continuously astonished by the support, strength, and determination of everyone, yourself included! Thoughts and prayers are always with you...

    Jennifer Mutchler