Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update: 11:00pm on 5/29

Forrest Stone Allen has had a rough couple days. He's been very unresponsive and is arching his back and tremoring many hours during the day. We're doing our best to keep him calm by talking to him, rubbing his muscles, and adjusting medication with the doctors. We're unsure of the cause of these tremors he's been fighting the last couple of months since the cranioplasty. But the posturing(extreme arching of his back for long periods of time) is relatively new within the last couple of weeks. Occasionally, he's able to raise a finger or squeeze a hand in response to a question, so we're holding onto the small things. We're hoping the doctors here at Shepherd can help him and that the Doctors at UVA can help us find a long term solution.

Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. We will continue to keep you updated.



  1. The prayers are definitely still coming! God bless all of you as you go through these trying times.


    Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  2. Forrest - we're thinking about you every day and praying for God to help the Drs. understand what's going on so they can give you some relief from pain. That's just no fun. So-o sorry honey -- NO FUN!!. I know you are aware your Dad and Mom are doing all in their power so you have the very best of care. Austin is such a wonderful brother to you isn't he. And Aunt Trisha - what great help. Just know that this will all turn around and one day perhaps you can be the author of a book to help others going through a similar problem. Love you, love you xoxoxox Gramma Norma

  3. MANY prayers are being sent! We are so sorry you are having a rough time. I hope you can feel all of the positive energy being sent your way from all of your friends. May you continue to heal with all of the love from your wonderful family and the dedication and knowledge of your Doctors, Nurses and Techs. You have an amazing team and together you will get through this! With love, Betsy, Mark & Lauren Davis

  4. I hear the worry in your words, dear boy. Please know that we are lifting you in prayer. Lifting you, Forrest and your incredible parents.

    I pray for your strength.

    I pray for the wisdom of Forrest's doctors.

    I pray that Forrest is not in pain and if so, that it can be managed.

    I pray that a solution presents itself soon to your incredible family and that God will order your steps toward it.

    I pray that you feel the love and prayers of all the people that care for your precious family. I pray that it brings you some comfort.

    I pray that God will renew your strength, your sense of hopefulness, your conviction.

    And I pray that the peace that passes all understanding finds its way into your hearts.


    Austin, Rae and Kent, we love you dearly and our hearts ache that you must watch Forrest suffer in this way. May these hard days quickly pass and may you find the strength from God to endure and find purpose in this seemingly unrelenting struggle. WE ARE WITH YOU.

    Much love,
    Shannon, Jim, Meg, Kara and Charlotte XO

  5. Austin, this one goes out to you, brother extraordinaire. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to write and keep us all informed. It helps us all keep the prayers and love coming in a constant and uninterrupted flow. We are all out here, keeping you in our hearts and minds. Your passionate devotion gives everyone strength. Forrest is in there and he knows you are out there. You are a wonderful brother and you ARE making a difference in being able to comfort Forrest.

    Our Families love, The Laughlins

  6. Please know that you are ALL in our thoughts and prayers on this memorial day. I so admire your collective courage, strength, love and understanding.
    Karla et al

  7. Dear Forrest,

    We are thinking of you over the Memorial Day weekend and looking forward to next year when you are back in Virginia to celebrate it with us. Love to you and your family,
    Gretchen and Boris Brevnov

  8. Dear Austin, You are an amazing brother! Thank you for taking time to keep all your and Forrest's fans updated. We think of you often and pray for you daily! Praying for reprieve from the tremors and this new back arching. Much love to all of you.


  9. Some of our family is together this weekend. We are sharing the need to continue to lift you up in prayer with this new challenge. My heart is aching for your struggles right now; we know these things too will pass. We wish for a quick improvement for a brave, inspiring young man. We love you so much. We send a big collective family hug to all of you. We admire your model of love and strength Rae, Austin, and Kent. And Trish who has helped so much now also. Love from all the Lauterbachs...

  10. Austin, you are truly an amazing brother. Thank you for taking time to post letting us all know what is happening. I know it is especially hard when the news is not up beat. I continue to be in awe of you and your parents. Forrest has the BEST team possible! Our prayers and positive thoughts continue to be sent your way. Forrest, I hope you can find some relief soon!!! Lots of love with hugs to all of you! Mary and the Looney family