Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update: 11:45pm on 5/10

I went home this past weekend and it was great to return to beautiful green hunt country and see the farm, friends, and Middleburg. Definitely the most touching and heart warming moment was Saturday morning when an incredible group of people gathered at the Hill School for one purpose: to show their support for Forrest's recovery. The Nettere's organized the gathering, and I was fortunate enough to be able to be home and represent the family at it. I can't begin to express how much it meant to me to hug and talk to everyone. Everyone wants to see Forrest back in Middleburg, and he's making his way back to us, one hard won step in front of another. Not everyone who wanted to show their support was able to make it on a busy weekend morning, but it was amazing to see such an outpouring of generosity regardless.

Returning to Atlanta on Sunday, I was greeted with some positive news. Forrest has been communicating more. Although he is still plagued by persistent and intense "storming" episodes, he has become much more purposeful and able to communicate. His arms and hands are becoming more mobile, he even put on his own deodorant in bed when asked to tonight. Apparently he's been vocalizing a little bit, and I finally heard it myself today. During his assisted walking (on a modified standing walker) at physical therapy today, after pausing for a break, his therapist asked him if he was able to finish the rest of the walk, and he stoically whispered "yea" before shaking and fighting his way to the end of the hall.

Mom and Dad were watching him in Atlanta this weekend, but they both wanted me to express for them how much the photo and gathering meant to them. Like the blog comments, calls, cards, and countless other things Team Forrest members have done, Saturday's gathering warms our hearts thinking about all those who are keeping Forrest in their daily thoughts.

Love to you all,

Saturday's photo of support for Forrest at the Hill School!


  1. What a great picture and what a wonderful community. Impressive. Great job Forrest in those strides to vocalize some. It will just keep getting better. Troy was glad to be able to visit you and it was neat that you could speak "bye" to him also. We continue to send up prayers. We are proud of all of you. Aunt Lynn

  2. What a great thing to hear about being able to communicate more and the determination to finish that walk!!!

    Forrest, we know you can do it!

    Hazel, James and Rebekah

  3. Hi Forrest & Team Forrest,

    The big group picture of some of your fan club is wonderful! What a great event that was for the Netteres to organize!

    We are all pulling for you, Forrest. You are our hero! We are so impressed with your incredible hard work and determination--and all the amazing progress you are making. Stay focused on continued healing and getting stronger and soon these struggles will be a thing of the past. We are all so proud of you--hang in there and we will look forward to seeing you soon.

    Love and Prayers,
    Maggie, Christina & Antonio

  4. A NEW BLOG!!! Every day, the first thing I do is check the Blog, then every time I come back to my laptop, I check again.

    What a Wonderful show of support for all of your friends to meet on that special day to take pictures for you, Forrest, even to bring your horse to be in it!! Amazing and something to cherrish for a lifetime!!

    I'm so thrilled to hear about your renewed efforts to communicate and to get back up and walking!! I have no doubt that you WILL succeed!! GO FORREST, GO!!!

    Love to all of you and God Bless,

    Joyce and Wilbur

  5. Dear Forrest,
    Your horse, Riley, is the star of the photo above! Kudos to Mona Botwick for capturing in a photograph the wonderful positive support of our community for you and Team 44. EVERYONE is united behind you and hoping to hear of your continuing impressive progress!
    Tara Schoch and assistants are editing a video for you this weekend. Look for it soon.

  6. We knew about the picture from Julie, and though we were out of town, and could not be there personally, we couldn't wait to see it. It is awesome!!Riley looked as if he was really into it! We're so happy to hear of your continued improvement, Forrest-your determination is exceptional. Love to all team 44---keep up the good work!
    Jim and Gail

  7. What a super community! Forrest, your strength and persistence amaze me!

  8. Keep up the excellent work, Forrest! Thinking of and praying for you, along with members of my church. I love how Riley joined in your photo. He must really miss you and your adventures!

  9. We love you guys! Thinking of you and praying for you every day.
    Naomi, David and MTR

  10. GO FORREST GO!!!!!!!!!

  11. The outpouring of love and support in a world so seemily and characteristically devoid of such noble emotions and actions, is TRULY beautiful.

    Keep it up, Forrest. We're all with you, rooting for you, everyday. We're with you, thinking about you, when you push yourself to walk down the hallway; we're in your corner when you fight through one of your storms; and we're here to celebrate every step you take down the long, winding road of recovery.

    You're never far from our thoughts. And neither is your wonderful family; they are love incarnate.

    Keep it up.

    - Jonny C.

  12. Hi Forrest and family. Although none of the Looneys were not able to make the photo, please know you are all in our daily thoughts and prayers. I am so excited to hear your accomplishments and look forward to hearing many more. Keep up all the hard work Forrest! Lots of love, Mary and the rest of the Looneys

  13. Forrest,
    Im leaving on Saturday to go work at Seacamp for the entire summer. I wish you were going to be there, this is the first time Ill be going back without you there. I can remember the last year I went, you and I claimed the big back seat on the bus, laid all our pillows out, and just slept and talked to whole way to the airport. Ill miss you alot being there without you, but Im going to try to get something together from all of Seacamp for you.
    Love you buddy,