Friday, September 27, 2013

A Special Invitation from Forrest 9/27/13

As many of you know, Tom Sweitzer and Music Therapy have played a pivotal role in Forrest's journey to recovery - in the beginning creating essential connections to his past, then helping him regain control of his breathing, and miraculously regaining his voice.  For the last few weeks Forrest along with 25 other A Place To Be students have been working on an inspiring new performance.  We hope you will support them all by coming to watch Same Sky.  You will be amazed and inspired!

Same Sky is a musical journey into the hearts of 25 students with unique life challenges in two parts.  "How Far I've Come" is based on the life of Amy Stone, a young woman living with Cerebral Palsy.  Amy views her CP as a gift to teach others about acceptance, kindness and courage.  The second part  is "Behind the Label" in which students share their personal experiences about living with different labels.  They encourage us to look beyond those labels to see the unique capabilities of people in the world around us.  Here at Team 44, we have seen parts of the shows during rehearsals, they are heartwarming, creative and most of all...inspiring!  We encourage everyone to bring their family and friends to a performance and support these talented kids. It takes a lot of courage to do what they are doing - going on stage to share special parts of their lives;  their challenges, hurts,  humor,  dreams,  and beyond.  

Here is a special invite message from Forrest:
Check out this video link for a glimpse at "A Place to Be".

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