Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There's Somethen' About A Dog. 9/4/13

It was a gorgeous day. You made it safely to school and stayed after to finish your make up test. When you got home it was just too beautiful outside to start your homework right away.  So Nurse Gayle and I gathered you, your gear, and Sundance up in the van and headed down Logan's Mill Rd to the creek crossing.  A handsome herd of Angus grazed nearby in the tall grass and the sunlight filtered through the trees onto the gravel road and the banks of Barton's Creek. 

Sundance is a wonderful therapist, attentive, encouraging and enthusiastic.  He had you throwing the ball across the creek in no time, stretching your shoulders and strengthening your balance.   With his eager Labrador smile and wagging tail, he got you to walk half way up the hill on the gravel by his side.  We drank in the crisp clean air and gave thanks for magical healing moments in the Virginia countryside, good dogs, and your daily progress. 

With love, joy, and gratitude,


  1. I think this is one of my favorite pictures yet. Love you so much, bud, thankful for you every single day.

  2. Forrest you look like a professional dog trainer!
    Love to see that grin. Sounds like a perfect day
    There is indeed, something about a dog. they make any day better

    love Aunt Tricia

  3. Beautifully written Mom, I can picture it so clearly! Love our Skype sessions Forrest, missing you! Give Sundance a hug.

  4. You are looking great Forrest. So happy that your surgery went so well and that you are back to school. Great pictures!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce from Missouri

  5. Hey Forrest, I got to meet your Dad at church this morning. It was so nice to finally meet him after following your blog for so long. I get to feeling like I know all of you as you all write the blog, plus seeing all of the great pictures & videos that are always attached. Your Aunt Lynn was in church, too, but your Aunt Bev had already had to head home.


    Joyce & Wilbur Ellis from Missouri