Monday, September 16, 2013

Message from Pops 9/16/13

Forrest has been learning again to focus in class and at home studying for his US History class.  He works on Flash cards with Tami and Mom. It is a lot of material and a lot of work to keep up with especially as he has been missing a day a week or more on therapies or doctors appointments.

His most recent surgery on the devitalized skin on his scalp has had a minor setback even with 33 staples removed last Friday. We are treating it aggressively and we are optimistic that it will continue healing.  He continues the demanding work of physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy as well as his music therapy and school work. So his days are incredibly busy.
Mom and Tami and the nurses keep him going on a regular basis and were able to cover for me this weekend when I had to go to Missouri to attend a funeral of a beloved uncle.  It was sad but also good to see my Mom, uncles, aunts and cousins and a lot of family and friends, they all wished you well, Forrest.  It was amazing the number of people who came up to me and asked "how is Forrest doing"?  "We check the blog all the time", so you have quite the following in Missouri too, Buddy. They are all amazed at your courage and your capacity to not give up but try it one more time.

Your Mom's sisters came to visit this week and I'm sure you had a great time visiting with them.  Your Mom sent me a great picture of this week's novel Physical Therapy, having you walk in the tall grass and climbing the pasture fence on the way down to the barn to help feed the horses, things we couldn't imagine you doing even a few months ago. Knowing your Mom, she, your nurse and others are by your side spotting you, just out of the viewfinder on Aunt Trish's camera, as you climb your first fence in three years!

You have been doing a great job working with training Sundance and I know he has enjoyed your training sessions and you have both learned lots.  As your Mom put it so well in your last post from a Jimmy Buffett song, "there's something about a dog."  You certainly haven't lost your connection to animals.
So you keep keeping on no matter what, enduring surgeries, painful staple removals, therapy, schoolwork, retraining your brain and rebuilding your physical body.  Every morning I go down to see you in the morning, you still have your normal reluctance to get up and face the morning, but when I ask you how you are and you always say, "very well, Pops".

With Love,


  1. Wonderful to see you stop the fence, Forrest! I was so hopeful that you and your family would be able to meet us in HI this week but we'll have to do it another time.

    Keep up the good work with all your therapies and keep tramping through the fields. Being outside in the fresh fall air may just be the best therapy of all.

    We live you guys and are celebrating a wonderful 25 years together in Dolphin Quest!

    Diane & Jay

  2. What a great picture. Gotta love that boy! It was fun to hear all the people back in Missouri who are "Forrest Followers"

  3. Oh! My goodness Forrest! How super wonderful seeing you standing on that fence looking so great. When your Dad was at church before running out for the airport to head back home. So many people came back and met him and ask first hand "how is Forrest really doing?" Or "We are all so glad to meet you - - Forrest's Dad". So proud of your progress.

    Love you, Grandmom

  4. You are looking great, Forrest. Keep up the good work. I got to meet your Dad at Church Sunday morning before he headed out to the airport to catch his flight. I put a note about it on your last blog, but wasn't sure you would see it. It sure was neat to meet him as I feel like I know all of you after following your blog all this time. Take care and keep on keepin' on!

    Love and Prayers,

    Wilbur and Joyce Ellis from Missouri

  5. Fence Climbing or Homework? Definitely, fence climbing!!
    The Weedens