Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Stronger

Today was my first day back with Forrest in a couple of weeks, and as always, it was inspiring. Forrest is hanging in there. He gave his first smile in several days this morning! Several friends visited throughout the day and elicited more ear-to-ear grins.  He even threw a soft football back and forth a few times. He's uttered a few soft phrases that have been hard to understand. We've worked on range-of-motion exercises in-between doctor's visits. He's still on smoothie diet via PEG, but hopefully we'll evaluate his swallowing tomorrow and see about starting eating. There's still a significant amount of swelling, though we expect it to start decreasing in the next few days. Vitals are stable, no evidence so far of infection or other complications. The number of incisions involved in the last surgery is astounding; he's been through a lot over the last few days but he's in amazingly good spirits, all considering.

This evening Angel brought a few movie choices and Forrest chose Hercules, the animated Disney movie. We're bedside watching the movie right now with him. A few minutes ago the "I can go the distance" song came on, which Forrest has sung many times with Tom and in front of audiences, and Forrest mouthed the words along with us, too quiet to hear but nevertheless there. Tami just walked in the door and will be staying with him tonight. Tomorrow more visitors are arriving and we'll work some lacrosse into the physical therapy mix! Thanks for all the messages, he smiles when we read them aloud.

All the best,
Austin and Team 44


  1. Good to see your smile and that you are looking so good Forrest!

    Christie Jones

  2. Forrest, Was Toliver softer on his head or Austin? I'm betting Toliver's hair is much softer. So glad to see a photo of you smiling.

  3. I just asked Forrest and taught him the alphabet signs for T and A. He clearly answered T for Toliver as being softer AND more fun to pet!

  4. I love it....I can go the distance with you singing along. Of course you can...and did. Glad Austin could come and hang out too. Keep it up. Well done all.

  5. Forrest, love seeing that winning smile again!!! And Austin, glad you got to come back to be with Forrest during his recovery. I like that comment about petting Toliver vs petting you. You guys are quite a pair! Thanks for another great update.

    Love & Prayers,

    Wilbur & Joyce Ellis

  6. What a great smile you have, and, I'm sure, a delightful singing voice - :>)! Hang in there, heal quickly, and get better soon. Lots of prayers are going up to God for you - He's there with you too!

    1. from Jan S. in Loveland

  7. You continue to inspire us!!! God bless you and your family!!

  8. If anyone can go the distance, it's you, buddy! I actually think you have earned your doctoral degree in Going the Distance! Another Dr. Allen!!! Loved seeing your smile, doc!
    Time to strengthen our collective prayers, everybody!!! :)

  9. Forrest... you never cease to amaze me. You have to be one of the strongest and most determined people I know... and thank God for that! So many of my FB friends are praying for you that if I don't post an update often enough, I get overwhelmed with private messages. I am so proud that you are my cousin... or grand-cousin... or whatever the heck we are! lol Keep that chin high and know that your strength and determination has served as an inspiration to thousands of people out there... many of who are unknown to you. Pretty cool, huh? Give that brother of yours a hug from Cousin Kay...!

  10. Dearest Forrest...I'm with Mama Kay! If I don't write emails or post updates on how you are doing, I start getting texts from family and friends all over the country. Dear one, you have SO many people praying for you and have inspired all of us with your extraordinary courage and THAT SMILE. We are praying that your healing continues to be rapid, smooth and as pain free as possible. We cannot wait to hear news of the return of your singing voice. In the meantime, keep smiling dear boy, and I will keep praying and giving so much thanks to God for how far you have come. You are my hero. We love you.....the Davis Clan. XO