Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waiting Still

We knew this was going to be a long day  and are grateful for all the prayers, good wishes, and positive energy flowing to  Forrest and his surgical team.  

Forrest has been in the OR for 10 1/2 hours now and the nurse just told us to expect two more hours.  Toliver has made the waiting more tolerable, adding his special charm to the waiting area and shaking paws with small children.  Clearly though he misses his Forrest as do we, 
Hopefully we'll have good news soon. 

Mum & Pops


  1. Oh, I can't imagine the stress on Team 44 and the agony of the long wait...It will all work out in the end....I have faith in the medical staff and the supreme power of prayer and positive to you all Sharon

  2. Thinking of all of you and sending good wishes. Toliver looks so sweet, and like the best pillow! Best wishes, fraley coles

  3. Good news or set backs, this kid just keeps moving forward (at least that's what I've seen since he was around 5)
    I can't wait to see what he does next. You are such a champ, Forrest! Love Ms.S.