Sunday, August 31, 2014

He's Back!!!

Only Four days out from a mind boggling surgery and Forrest is already coming back strong!  Your prayers, visits, blog comments, messages, and love are all having their powerful effect. 

We were blessed with Austin's special energy over the weekend.   And  visits from Austin's friends, the Lees, and Tom Kim & Kyle from A aplace To Be added their magic to his recovery. Instead of tiring he just got brighter throughout the day!  

He may be swollen and sore but his spirit still shines through. Tonight Tami & Angel have his back and though there are still many hurdles ahead, truly... anything is possible.

God Bless and Good Night,
Mum & Team 44


  1. Wow, Forrest, it is great how well you are doing this soon after that long surgery. I am so happy for you and all of Team 44, as I know this has been weighing heavily on all of your minds for a long time. Praying that everything keeps going fine and dandy, and that you'll be ready to start physical therapy soon, if you haven't already been doing some. Have another great day tomorrow! Poor Toliver didn't get in any pics today--he'll feel all left out!

    Love and Prayers,

    Wilbur and Joyce Ellis

  2. Forrest,
    You are like the man of steel . . . you just keep driving on no matter the difficulties. We are so happy to hear that you sailed through a very difficult surgery and are recovering with such high spirits. I am sure you are excited at the thought of getting back to the farm. We hope your recovery continues to be smooth and speedy.

    With love and admiration,
    Uncle John, Aunt Gayle, Eric, and Cailin.

  3. Forrest, keep rockin' your noggin'....:) 4 DAYS, not weeks, or months, 4 DAYS and you are shining so brightly. Amazing, truly amazing. Keep up the great recovery. You are the man!

    -Abby Laughlin

  4. Forrest,
    So glad you are healing well, having some time with your fiends around you, and that Austin was able to come up for the weekend. You radiate such strength and resolve and of course that great humorous spirit leads you through these challenging times.

    It won't be long before you are back at BrightWood surrounded by the shade of those magnificent trees, the cool waters of your backyard pool, your Dad grilling at the bbq, Toliver and Sundance playing tug with some chewy toy, the horses trotting across the fields, quiet time in the man cave, trips to A Place To Be to continue music and performances that inspire so many others, your mom's world class back scratches and words of encouragement. I imaging all of these things and many more help feed your resolve to continue healing and recovering towards attending college classes soon and getting back to your world.
    with love and constant awe
    Aunt Tricia

  5. Looking good Forrest. I'm sure Toliver is the most happy to see that smile back. And your noggin' is looking great!
    The Weedens

  6. Forrest,

    The new skull cap looks great. It is awesome to see you smiling with your signature thumbs up! Keep up the great work, we cant wait to see you back at home.
    The Selfes